Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy most of the time especially in terms of organizing. With all the tasks, documents, responsibilities, and meetings, staying organized seem impossible for some. All you need is a little planning, commitment and these tools to get back on track. Know what to prioritize, then plan. You can start decluttering your workspace, it’s a good start.


If you’re like me who’s deeply in love with paper notebooks, post-it notes, pens (a lot of pens), and paper planners but most of the time forgetting where we put or wrote those notes? Welcome to 2018, where we don’t need to worry because we can now organize digitally and get more done!


There are tons of tools that you can use for free to keep track of your tasks and to make sure that you don’t miss any schedule, deadlines, and important appointments. This will not only help you stay organized but it will also grow your business and be giving you more time for more important things like family or yourself.



So, bring order to your personal and business life with these awesome organizational tools. Since these tools are web-based, make sure that it sync whether you are using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.



 Type: Storage


  • You can store any type of files and when I say all files, it literally means any type of files whether documents, photos, videos, anything.
  • It is an online tool, meaning you can access it anytime and anywhere through a computer, tablet, or even smartphone.
  • Shareable to the team or to anyone



Google Calendar

Type: Calendar


  • You can create and edit events
  • You can also invite other people to your events but you still have an authority to determine the visibility of the events through privacy settings.
  • You can use a color-coded method to recognize different events.



Type: Task Management App


  • Board list that you can be filled with cards, where you can add comments, checklist, upload file, etc.
  • Each card can be dragged and dropped into other lists.
  • Keep track of your to-do list and due dates
  • It’s good for collaborative projects; your team can view, move and add cards
  • Put a label on your cards to easily identify what type of task is that.



Type:  Planner/Note Taking App


  • Your online notebook/notepad.
  • Write everything and access it anywhere and anytime.
  • You can attach links, images, and even audio files.
  • You can also schedule a task as a reminder.
  • Share your notes/notebook with your team



Type: Password Manager


  • Create, store, and access your login details in one app.
  • You will only use and memorize a single master password to access your login details.
  • Keypass can generate a unique password for you
  • It will even type your username and password for you.


Final Thoughts:

Staying organized seems a time-consuming planning but the better organized you become, the more you will be more productive. It’s a big help to achieve success in business.


However, not all people are not just really good at keeping tracks whether it be digitally or traditionally (using a paper). No worries if you’re one of those people, we got your back. We might not be able to help you in cleaning your workspace but we can definitely assist you in some other things to lighten your workload such as marketing, consulting, and SEO.



If you want to grow your business and partner with us, contact us today! By availing our services, you will get to enjoy the benefits of having an extra hand at a fraction of the regular cost.


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