The excitement of finally passing the exams and signing the job offer makes us forget that it’s only half of the battle won. You would still have to undergo training! Usually, it is divided into 3 sections, communication skills, product knowledge and nesting period. Question is, how to pass your call center training? Training is definitely information overload, but of course, trainers to make it fun and mix different activities to make sure that what you will learn will stick for a long time. So, that leaves you, to make sure that you rock your training. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it seems.


how to pass your call center training

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1. Know what to expect and what is expected of you during training!

Surviving your training class takes more than having the perfect non-spill mug and a comfy jacket. During training, you are expected to absorb what will be discussed like a sponge. And to make sure on how to pass your call center training, better keep an open mind and be ready for constructive criticism.




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2. How to pass your call center training? Try your best not to be absent.

Training schedules are really controlled and the management always has a target date on when a batch should be able to join the production. So, every day has always a new set of modules to learn and, it does not happen often that the whole team will have to sit back for a refresher because one member missed a day due to absence. If it’s really unavoidable then, try your best to catch up (and make sure it’s a valid excuse)! Attendance is one of the factors for the trainer if you will pass. Oh, and please do not be late either!



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3. Absorb as much as you can during lectures.

You will learn 50% on what you need to do your job well during training (the rest is on the production floor). Take advantage to ask questions to your trainer and do not be embarrassed to ask your wave mates as well. Come production time, there won’t be that too many opportunities to ask questions!



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4. Adhere to dress codes.

To put this one simply, you really do not want to catch your trainer’s eye – in a bad way. So, make sure that you wear what is prescribed, like on smart casual days and on no jeans day. For the ladies, remember to be mindful of the length of your skirt. If it’s more than 2 inches above your knees, then, you better save that for the beach or mall days. Stay out of frayed or torn jeans, no matter how cool it looks. For the gentlemen, avoid wearing sneakers or athletic shoes during “dress up” days. And, that’s one of the factors on how to pass your call center training!


5. Practice Practice Practice!

Tenured agents are guilty of throwing a few smiles and smirks every time there are new trainees in the pantry who are conversing in English. Don’t worry about it! If you need to practice your English skills, go ahead! Enjoy the moment your trainer asks you to go in pairs and practice your spiels. Ask your partner and your trainer on what you need to improve on. You can also try to mock calls with your partner while navigating through the system!



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6. Stay calm (or try) during mock calls.

It’s always easier said than done! But trust me, take a deep breath, don’t try to cram everything into your head and scare yourself. If you do your homework well during the lessons, you will definitely pass this one.


how to pass your call center training, talk to agents

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7. Talk to tenured agents during the nesting period

The term “nesting” is the transition between training and production. Here, you get a chance to listen to live calls taken by agents who are already on the production floor. Do not feel shy to ask them for tips and questions. Also, you will also be taking in actual calls. Do not be too hard on yourself, it usually takes a couple of hours or sometimes days before you can actually get a hang of it, Do not panic, take your time when you answer calls.

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Lastly, enjoy training while it lasts because it will always be one of the best times during your stay in a BPO company!


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