There is an influx of job opportunities here in the Philippines; it is just a matter of way to bridge out the gap between the employers and applicants.  As an applicant, how will you be able to find new job opportunities which do not seem to knock on your door? Just keep on reading to know how you can change it!


Job search - Keep your profile up to date


1. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

We will stress out the importance of this over and over; LinkedIn is being used by recruiters and head-hunters EVERYDAY to scout potential talents. Make sure to place a professional-looking photo (it’s not FaceBook), be as detailed as possible about your skills and you can state “actively looking for work” as your header. Since your LinkedIn account is your online resume, you can check here for tips on how to keep it in tip-top shape.



Job search - do not stick with the traditional portals


2. Do not stick with the traditional job portals

The power of the internet is unfortunate, being unutilized. Remember that not all companies list their openings on the popular job sites, so exert some serious efforts here. Check other job portals, career blogs, discussion, forums and company websites. You can also check Twitter and FB for possible job openings!



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3. Visit Job fairs

Job fair is an excellent place to find work as well. You will meet different employers in one location and be interviewed right away! Also, it’s a good way to meet fellow job hunters to exchange ideas and tips.


Job search - check your network

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4. Check your network

Another thing, not all job openings are posted. Some employers rely on referrals from their employees or recommendation from their friends. Don’t be shy to ask your friends, aunts or other people you know and make it known that you are looking for work.



Be openminded about start ups


5. Be open-minded about start-ups and other businesses

Start-ups are growing in numbers these days and they need smart and creative people to join their team. Do not focus only on the financial growth when you look at work, and these businesses offer great rewards for people who stick to them as they grow. How to find them? Do number 2 and four.



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 6. Get in touch with headhunters

Headhunters can be your best friends in job hunting. If they have your resume on file and it seems that you are perfect for the job, they will get in touch with you right away. It’s another way of expanding your network as well.



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7. Check with your Alma Mater

Yes! College and Universities are being contacted by companies who are in need of employees especially with a targeted skill set. Make it a habit to check your college or university job boards and be active with your alumni group. 


The hiring process usually takes time. Be patient over the long waits for replies and rejections. Do not stop doing these methods until you get a job offer!


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