Most successful business ideas started as a small business. Like “Nike”, they started selling their shoes at the back of their car. Now, look at their success! What more can you do if you have enough capital to start a business? The probability of your success is more likely to happen, but of course, there are always a risk and other factors to consider in business.

There are some aspiring entrepreneurs with a lot of business ideas but lack of money while there are also aspiring entrepreneurs who have enough money or capital but don’t know what business to start. Thinking of business ideas in the Philippines is easier said than done.  Worry no more for those who want to start a business in the Philippines but don’t know what business to start, we listed some business ideas starting at Php100,000.


Poultry Business

Estimated Start-up Capital: Php100,000 – 200,000

Pre-operational Requirements:

  • Place or poultry farm to raise chickens or pigs. It should be outside the urban areas.
  • Chick/Chicken supplier.
  • Chicken Feed supplier.
  • Other miscellaneous expenses such as vitamins, etc.
  • Business Permits

If you have enough capital, poultry is a good option for business. Meat is always in demand. You can supply to your market’s vendors or contact restaurants. If you don’t know how to raise animals, get someone you can trust and knows how to do it and is willing to teach you at the same time. Always invest in yourself. Attend a seminar about poultry or business. It is recommended to have a piece of knowledge on any business, or else you can easily get tricked or scam by someone.



Photography Business

Estimated Start-up Capital: Php100,000

Pre-operational Requirements:

  • Decent camera
  • Camera Accessories such as flash, lights, tripod, etc.
  • Editing Software
  • Laptop/Computer
  • Business Permits

Got skills in photography? Why not use it to start a business. A lot of people wants a professional photographer to capture their special moments. You don’t need a big studio to start a photography business; you will work in the events place most of the time. You just need skills in photography and editing of course.


Rice Retailing or Bigasan Business

Estimated Start-up Capital: Php80,000 – 100,000

Pre-operational Requirements:

  • Rice Supplier. Look for a farm to get a wholesale price.
  • Storage room. Make sure that the room doesn’t have bugs.
  • Store or shop. Near or inside the market is the perfect place for this.
  • Business Permits


Filipinos love rice. We eat rice at least three times a day. Customers don’t need a fancy advertisement to buy this. It is a necessity. If you have a friend or you know someone who has a farm, for sure you can get a good price from them. Just make sure to always inspect your storage for bugs.


Pet Shop

Estimated Start-up Capital: Php100,000 – 400,000

Pre-operational Requirements:

  • Shop or location. It should be accessible. You can opt to rent a space inside a mall.
  • Supplier or Dealer of Pet supplies and accessories.


Are you a pet lover? Selling pet foods, cages, or pet accessories can be a good start. You can then later add a grooming service or hire a veterinarian and grow your business into a clinic and a breeding pet shop. Filipino pet owners keep on growing and this a good opportunity to build a business related to pets. Imagine how much you as a pet owner spend for your pet. I have a few friends who are pet owners and they really have a  monthly budget for their pet’s food and other needs such as shampoo, etc.


Water Refilling Station

Capital: Php 100,000 – 300,000

Pre-operational Requirements:

  • Equipment
  • Store location
  • Business Proposal (for franchise application)
  • Vehicle for delivery (less cost if you already have a vehicle such a motorbike or tricycle).
  • Franchise permit
  • Business Permits


Another basic necessity. We need it every day. There’s a demand for water everywhere because everybody needs water. We all want clean and safe drinking water. Even in the province, a water refilling station is in demand. There are a lot of companies that are open for franchising. They usually offer a full package with all the necessary equipment, training, marketing support, etc. Some of the company even offers an installment basis for the franchise fee.


Food Catering Business

Estimated Start-up Capital: Php100,000 – 300,000

Pre-operational Requirements:

  • Cooking Utensils
  • Food Display Container
  • Utensils such as spoon & fork, plates, glass, etc.
  • Manpower/helper
  • Business Permit


Another event-related business ideas. This is perfect for those who have a passion for cooking. Most people don’t want the hassle of cooking during the event. They are willing to pay in exchange for convenience. It might be expensive in the beginning but the return on investment is quite fast. 


Milk Tea Franchise

Estimated Start-up Capital: Php100,000 – 500,000

Pre-operational Requirements:

  • Franchise Requirements
  • Location


One of the booming business nowadays here in the Philippines is Milk Tea. If you can be the first milk tea owner in one location, it will be a great advantage for you. I know one company where you can franchise their milk tea business for a Php99,000 package with a lot of inclusions. You can search it on Google for more details.



Final thoughts:

If you have enough capital and really want to start a business, you can attend a franchise expo and you can definitely get an idea of what business you can start or what are the top franchise business in the Philippines.

To avoid the legal issue, always have a business permit. We understand that business registration here in the Philippines can be a little daunting, that’s why we have experts here at Infinit3Solutions who can process your business registration on your behalf. This is to save you from all the headaches and you can focus on starting a business here in the Philippines. Let us know in the comment if you chose one idea.

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