Are you guilty of some bad interview habits?

A friend of mine told me a story about a group of applicants who went to their office. The girls do not have a prior arrangement and just went there completely unannounced. Nevertheless, my friend decided to move his schedule to accommodate the applicants. Among the five applicants, three do not have their resume printed. All of them do not have an idea what the company is about. They just want to try and see their “luck”.

Another scenario, a recruiter receives a resume and schedules the applicant for an interview. After a couple of exchanges, the candidate seemed to just vanish. No reply from SMS or calls.

I am not writing all these to make a complaint, on the contrary, these stories break my heart. What is sad these are now common during an application process. I guess I can blame it on our attitude as being non-confrontational. Because of this, we are losing our professionalism. And I am amazed that people would actually do this when they are looking for work when the first impression does count.

Because of this, I would like to highlight some tips for new job seekers and a reminder for the veterans on what not to do during an interview.




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1.  Filipino time

Traffic is an everyday staple in this country. Therefore, it is no longer a good excuse. However, if you will be late for an interview because of traffic, please do notify the interviewer that you are on your way.



2. Missing in Action

it is understandable that an applicant receives numerous job offers. After all, we do not just send our resumes to one company. What is unacceptable though and sadly, starting to be a norm here, is for applicants not to show up in the interview. Remember, schedules are cleared for you to be accommodated. If you change your mind and do not wish to push through with the interview, then send a simple message. Let’s be adults on this one.


3. Not coming prepared

On your interview day, it is a big plus that you have done some research about the company you wish to apply to. We received some applicants who got a blank look on their faces when asked what we do in our company.  Also, asking the receptionist if it is okay for her to print your resume is not really okay. What will be the company’s assurance that you are reliable if you do not even have your resume in a job interview?


4. Dressing up too casually

No matter how casual the company seems to be, it is always better to look like you mean business.  Opt for smart casuals when in doubt.  It means collared shirt for men and tops or dresses with sleeves (or cover up) for women.  Absolutely no jeans.


5. Asking inappropriate or wrong questions

Are there really fewer calls all throughout the shift here?  Is the company strict about tardiness and absentees? Save these questions for forums, friends or some future colleagues. Remember, you are applying for a job, not a place to hang out and be paid for it.

Always remember, in an environment where there are thousands in need of work, let us try to put our best foot forward on every interview that we will be granted on. After all, that interview might be your stepping stone to a career you always wished for.



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