No matter how much you love or how exciting our work may be, one way or another, you will experience the dreaded work bug. By definition, work bug happens when you are just sick of work. It can take its toll in a day or two, or worse, even for a longer period of time. When this happens, you will probably experience being extremely demotivated, exceptionally lazy, and, of course, stressed out. Sad to say, you cannot use your precious sick leaves to just snap out of it.

Do not fret if Friday seems to be light years away from now. Here is a list of our tried and tested tricks to be motivated in the office during the dreaded work bug!


1.  De-clutter your workspace

A messy workstation is distracting and can constantly make you feel annoyed for a long period of time. Allow a few minutes to throw away those scratched sticky notes,  organize your paperwork, and arrange office supplies accordingly. Once you have enough space in your desk, it actually feels like a big chunk weight has been off your head.


2. Distance yourself from negativity

Yes, the world is full of negative vibes and the only negative-free spot is under the rainbow in unicorn land. Well, this is partially true. We can solve this negativity issues in simple steps. Probably, you have some friends on FB that you get annoyed with their posts? Unfollow them! Dreading the morning rush hour? Leave a bit early to beat the others to have an extra time for coffee before work starts. A simple tweak here and there should do the trick!



3. Look for positivity

Positivity work like a charm whenever we feel down. Personally, I check some “Thank you” messages whenever I feel like a little push is needed. You can check your good company reviews, talk to friends or colleagues, enjoy a nice cup of hot choco, anything that can help you feel recharged with positivity. Remember the song by Mary Poppins? It goes like “When the dog bites. When the bee stings. When I’m feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I won’t feel, so bad!” Works like a charm!


4. Highlight your sense of accomplishment (no matter how small it may be)

When you have the work bug, you tend to be anxious and it is next to impossible to get some work done. Break it down to a list of “mini-tasks” and crossed out each one once you are done. The sight of those mini checks (or x’s, whichever you prefer) gives out a nice, feel-good feeling, doesn’t it?


5. Remind yourself why you are working

Is it for your family? Place a picture on your desk to be constantly reminded of. We have different reasons why we are in our respective field, take a moment to remember why we made such choices or sacrifices. I am confident that you will be motivated afterward.


6. Treat or Indulge yourself

To have something to look forward to is a HUGE incentive and motivation push! It can be a nice dinner after work or a long overdue vacation in paradise! It’s your choice!


Whenever you feel demotivated, it is always better to address the issue asap and find a cure, rather than shoving it under or completely ignoring it. Come to think about it, it is not that painful to solve anyway.

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