Vacations are heaven’s gift to those hard-working individuals. But not all happiness lasts forever. Knowing that after your holiday vacation, tons of pending work is waiting for you. But don’t let this pending works flurry your peace of mind because here are some tips on how to overcome post-vacation blues:


Before your vacation:

1. Inform your clients and colleagues that you will be taking a break. Be it through email plus other forms of messaging as long as it will serve its purpose. Do not forget to include the important parts such as the duration of your leave, when you will be back from vacation, and, an alternate contact person for urgent concerns. You may add your own contact details for matters that you wish to attend to yourself.

2. Organize your desk. Check and label paperwork that you need to do when you come back. Organize your schedule calendar, the works. Do not just shove paperwork in the drawers.

3. Clean your apartment. Make sure your work clothes are ready before you leave. This would definitely help once you are back so you can have a good rest and be ready for work the next day effortlessly.



4. Use an extra day off. Unfortunately, it is only an urban legend that a person will be pumped up for work after vacation. Long travel, lugging bags and adjusting from vacay to reality mode can take its toll. So, it is better to use 1 day from your vacation to have a good rest at home and prep up for work.


During your vacation

(note: as long as you would not feel stress or anxious then, you can do this):

1. Check your email a few days before you get back. Just browse on it, do not reply unless it is necessary. It will help you not to feel overwhelmed with an overflowing inbox (like 500 unread messages) and also anticipate the incoming tasks once you are back.

2. Check with your close colleagues for updates. This can also help to prepare yourself for the incoming tasks at work and avoid surprises.


After your vacation:

1. Set expectations. You are not Superman, therefore, you may not get all the pending tasks done when you get back. Tackle those one step at a time.

2. Pick a favorite. It can be a delicious frappe, a power suit or, a nice lunch. It will definitely help to set you up on work mood!

Coming back to work does not have to be daunting. With a good mindset and a smart head start, I guarantee that your transition will be a breeze.

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