A week ago, we’ve discussed the marketing wonders of Facebook. Now, we are here to introduce you to its sibling, Instagram, and how Instagram marketing can change your marketing game.

There are hundreds of millions of active Instagram users all over the world. With this massive reach, it is undoubtedly a significant social networking platform that businesses should never disregard. Instagram can serve as a useful outlet for companies’ marketing efforts.

Below are some of the most effective Instagram marketing strategies and tips that you can implement to strengthen your brand and widen your reach.



 Instagram marketing tip 1, optimize your business profile



Optimize your business’ Instagram profile

The first thing that you should do is to make sure that your business’ Instagram profile is properly optimized by:

  • adding your company logo and description on your profile
  • when writing an Instagram bio, provide a clear, concise, and engaging explanation of what your business is all about to encourage users to visit your official website
  • creating a hashtag that is exclusive to your brand
  • including a link to your official website or to a landing page to promote a specific campaign
  • if you have a physical store or office, you can include your location in your profile
  • ensure that your pictures and videos are unique to your brand, relevant, high quality, and consistent


Instagram marketing tip 2: Utilize tools


Use Tools for Instagram Marketing

There are several Instagram marketing tools that can help you save time, increase the effectiveness of your strategy, and provide more insights into the performance of your posts. Here are some of our top choices:

  • Iconosquare– this tool is called Statigr.am before. Basically, Iconosquare allows users to access their account through their preferred web browser and learn which of their pictures and videos have the highest level of engagement. Furthermore, this multipurpose tool can also help you track your followers and those who are unfollowing you.
  • Piqora– in Instagram marketing, it is not required for you to post only your original photos and vids. Through Piqora, you can easily find relevant and engaging posts that you can share with your target market. What’s more is that you can use the information that you obtained for crafting more effective strategies.
  • INK361– this Instagram tool allows users to view, manage, and schedule posts.
  • Schedugram– as the name suggests, this tool is mainly for scheduling your Instagram posts.


promote your Instagram profile


Promote your Instagram profile on other social media sites

If you want to grow your followers easily, it is recommended that you publish or promote your Instagram posts across other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Doing so will help you connect with a wider audience or increase the reach of your Instagram posts.

Since Instagram is popular across the globe, there is a good chance that some of your followers on other social media sites are also active users in the photo-sharing service. With this, they may be interested to also check out your Instagram profile and follow you if they like your posts.


 Instagram marketing tip, use hashtags properly


Properly use hashtags

Your posts’ hashtags are just as important as the photo or video itself and the caption that you write. While the image or vid is the main star in your post and the caption allows you to convey a captivating message or story behind it, hashtags are the element that enables you to get your post seen by your target market.

Obviously, you would want your pictures and videos to appear in the results when users try to search for hashtags that are relevant to your business industry. Hence, it is imperative for you to know how to use hashtags correctly to be able to reach users that do not belong to your existing sphere of followers.

To help you boost your influence and followers through hashtags, you need to use those that are highly relevant, popular, and timely.


remain consistent in your brand's personality


Remain consistent with your brand personality

Make sure that the photos and videos that you post are in line with your business’ brand personality. Keep in mind that your Instagram marketing efforts have a significant effect on brand recognition and on your company’s image. Hence, the content that you publish must convey a consistent message and reflect your brand identity to have a lasting impact.


stay active in the community with your Instagram marketing efforts


Stay active in the Instagram community

If you want to spark growth, you need to form strong relationships with other Instagram users, especially your target market. Instagram marketing is not just about posting photos and vids in your profile—it is about interacting with other users and participating in the community.

You can do this by replying to the comments on your posts, engaging in discussions through comments, as well as liking and commenting other users’ posts (especially those which feature your products or company).


don't spam


Regularly post content but don’t spam

Sure, you would want to boost your visibility and improve brand recognition, but you should not overwhelm your target audience by bombarding them with your posts. This will make you appear spammy, and users may unfollow you.

Two posts a day will do for a start, and then little by little, try to experiment with more posts. Also, try to discover which time of day your posts get the highest engagement.


repost relevant photos from other users


Repost relevant photos and videos from other users

One trick if you are finding it challenging to come up with new unique content to post on your business’ official Instagram profile is to repost valuable content from other relevant accounts. When doing so, it is important to never forget to credit your source by mentioning them and tagging their profile.


Another advantage of this strategy is that when these users found out that you shared their content, they may return the favor and do the same with yours.


Final Thoughts

It takes patience and dedication to be able to obtain your desired results through Instagram marketing. To obtain value from these strategies, it is important to not only consistently follow the tips shared in this article, but also to improve your approach as times change.

If you don’t have the time or required skills to perform this task, hiring a cost-effective digital marketing professional can be the most viable solution to avoid missing out on this wonderful opportunity to market your products and services. At Infinit3solutions, we can help you not only on Instagram but also in social media marketing and digital marketing in general.

Let us discuss how we can help you grow your business through digital marketing! Contact us today!

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