Decided to have a career in a Call Center? I can still remember vividly how my first interview went by, and it was one tough interview (at least for me). Don’t worry for we came up with sure-fire ways to make yours look like a walk in the park. All you need is to allow at least a few days to practice these tips before you go job hunting. By the way, with the exception of the Versant test, other job seekers can apply these tips as well.


 1. Do your homework well

There’s nothing more awkward during a job interview when you do not have a clue on what type of company or the job position you applied for. Try to check what kind of account you will be handling, the scope of work, the company background, and so on. If you are lucky to know someone from there, try to ask about the salary range for you to have an idea as well. It will be a great way for you to negotiate your salary!


 2. Brush up your English skills

Fluency in English is one of the important factors for you to pass. There’s no need to hunt down your English professor for this. Grab a book or an article online and read it out loud. Take careful notes about on how you pronounce words and watch your pace (remember, try not to speak too fast). Your voice has to be as clear as possible. Ask a friend to help you out when in doubt.

Try to check online for some great interview sample questionnaires. Remember, the purpose of this interview is not for you to memorize answers but for you to rehearse your sentence construction skills. Try to avoid words which you are not familiar with the usage.



 3. Say hello to Versant

Some companies require applicants to take the Versant assessment. It is a computerized test to gauge the language skills of an applicant. It can be mind racking because of the time pressure but, we got you covered here! The key here is to speak as clearly as you can in the recording, make sure to use the keywords being mentioned throughout the exam, try not to use fillers at all (remember, pacing) and try your best not to have dead airs.

We found a couple of links which are helpful for you to practice on:


 4. Get ready to take some tests

Typing test is also a part of the exams. Same goes for personality and logical reasoning test. It is usually time-pressured so make it a point to use time wisely. Try not to get stuck with one question for too long. Fortunately, there are tons of practice test online that you can try.


 5. Patience is a virtue

BPO companies receive a lot of applicants on a daily basis. Usually, they have less than 10 recruitment staffs to accommodate all the applicants so, it is expected that there will be some delays. Not to mention that Team Leaders or even Operations Managers conduct the final interview – and their shift starts around 8 pm or so (and you are already in the office since 10 am).  So, don’t despair, just be patient. Bring a book or talk to your fellow applicants to kill time. Also, make sure you have a good meal and some extra cash in case you need to take a cab going back home.


 6. Have your requirements ready

Once you get hired, you might not have enough time to finish all your requirements or you definitely have to sacrifice some Zzzz time to get it all done. Have the necessary requirements like your TIN, NBI, Police clearance, Transcript of records ready beforehand.



 7. Take a deep breath and know your pace

I need to stress this one out, talking fast (or way too fast) is not a sign of a good speaker. You have to be understood. In an event that you are nervous (which most likely you will be), just take a deep breath. Lastly, try not to overuse fillers (like, um, actually, and so). A short but meaningful sentence has more impact than beating around the bush.

On a final note, make sure to show up at least 10 minutes early in your actual interview to give you time to relax. In case that you would not be able to make it, inform the recruiter at least an hour or 2 before your actual interview.

Finally, to all applicants out there, I wish you GOOD LUCK!

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Photo credit: Jean-Luc David via flickr

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