One year in kindergarten, six years in grade school, four years in high school and another four to five years in college. I think this should be one of the reasons we should strive to find a good job.

Graduation; it is the most awaited event of every student. We always say that it will be the end of the study. But no, we will continue to study and learn and will be the start of our journey. It will be the step on how we will build our future. But in what way can we build our future? How can we apply our field of study in the real world?

Below are the tips that I’m sure can help you a lot!


Decide on where to work; local or overseas?

                  You must be decided first before you search for a job. Much better to have an experience locally so that if you decided to go abroad, your self-confidence will have a solid foundation.




 Make sure to have requirements with you.

                  Employers nowadays see the interest and dedication of the applicants depending on the length of time of their processing of requirements. The purpose of this is for faster hiring. So, better start working on your government issued ID’s and (gasp!) NBI clearance. Hello, long lines indeed!


 Be updated on the Job Fair nearest to your place.

How important is it especially for fresh graduates or entry level? It gives job seekers the opportunity to learn more about potential employers and the opportunities available. Through this, you can explore career opportunities within a variety of companies at one location.


Join different FB groups and LinkedIn that provide job opportunities

                  Almost everyone has its own Facebook account. But what is the purpose of this account? Through the use of this, you can also find a job. Many employers post their job opening through FB pages and groups. Even if you don’t have the intention to search for a job on FB, it will appear on your timeline.


Register on different Job Posting sites and encode your resume

                  Once you have encoded your resume on their website, it will then be stored in their database and if you are shortlisted for the job posting you will be notified via text message about the job. Sample sites are,, and Also, you better start working on your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters often use this portal to search for active and passive job seekers.


Get engaged with the recruitment firms

                  A recruitment firm is one of the essential tools when looking for a job. They can endorse you to their different partners.

Most of my tip is to go online. Why? You can go apply walk-in but try to analyze first your expenses and time it will consume. Although through walk-in, you can have a face-to-face communication with the employer, you can’t apply to different companies one at a time.

My last advice is to have TONS of patience during the whole application process. It takes time to land a job so, do not be crestfallen when you receive a rejection. Charge it to experience, evaluate what went wrong and, apply it to your next interview schedule.



Photo credit: Daniel Blisborough (National Geographic)


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