There is no question that social media marketing is an essential aspect of digital marketing. Given its steadily increasing popularity, it is indeed one of the most powerful business-building tools of today. Through social media, businesses can reach clients and prospects anywhere and anytime.

If you want to establish your social media presence and boost your marketing strategy on these platforms, it is important to know the following social media secrets and tips:


To boost engagement on your Facebook page

Ask industry-related questions to your target audience

Discussions are a vital aspect of Facebook. When users engage with your Facebook page, chances are high that your posts and updates on your business page will show up in their newsfeed on a regular basis. An effective way to encourage discussion is to end your updates with a thought-provoking and engaging question.

You can also add your own comments and reply to users’ comments to get the ball rolling. Furthermore, ensure that you respond to users’ inquiries as soon as you can to boost engagement.




To add more visibility in Youtube

Use YouTube’s keyword tool

Apart from Google AdWords keyword tool, you may also want to consider leveraging YouTube’s keyword tool. This will help you obtain new keyword ideas, and allow you to optimize your video pages for users of this platform. Make sure that you include keywords in the description, title, and tags of the videos that you post.


To find relevant topics to discuss

Use tools to know what your target market needs or wants to discuss

If you want to make a strong connection with your target market, you need to initiate a discussion that will be of interest to them. You can use various social media tools such as,, and to listen to what your prospects want to learn about. Next, try to apply what you have learned to increase engagement and actual sales.


On how to gain more followers

Create or share content that your target market wants or needs.

The key to getting more followers or subscribers is by providing your prospects with the relevant content that will keep them engaged. Avoid posting purely promotional content and product news; instead, provide value to your audience by developing or sharing content created by others that may be actually useful for your target market. In this way, your business will be seen as relatable and people will be able to connect with your brand more effectively.


For potentially going viral

Syndicate your blog posts to popular social media sites

Another effective way to attract new customers is to syndicate the content on your blog to big-name social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube which have extremely high traffic. You should take this opportunity not only to increase your online presence and boost brand recognition but also to divert more traffic to your home base and convert these leads into actual sales.


On how to be truly memorable

Genuinely connect with your target market

Everyone wants their social media marketing efforts to yield a high ROI. However, one common mistake that marketers make is that all they do is talk about the business and its products and services. People, especially the younger generations, can easily sense if you’re trying to sell them your offerings and they have built a resistance to it. If this is how you use social media, then don’t expect to obtain a high level of engagement.

Having said that, it is important to genuinely interact with your target market and provide them real value. It won’t hurt if you engage in non-self-serving conversation with your clients and prospects. Instead, doing so will help them relate to your company, and they will see you as more trustworthy.


On mixing old and new methods

Step up your SMS campaigns through Facebook and Twitter

Millions of active users on Facebook and Twitter access these social networking sites through their mobile devices. With this, if you want to promote your SMS campaigns, you should definitely consider using these platforms to your advantage. An effective way to do this is to post updates that will entice people to texting your keyword, availing your mobile coupon, or subscribing to your alert list.


Final Thoughts

Always remember that in social media marketing, there is no single fool-proof formula that will work in all types of business. First off, you should understand that each business is unique—each company’s needs, the problems that it aims to solve, and the profile of its target market are all different from other organizations.

Aside from that, social media sites are constantly transforming together with the behavior of their audiences. With this, even the most experienced digital marketer won’t be able to come up with a single set of steps that will bring amazing results for all those who implement it.

Therefore, you need to consider this article as just a guide to what you should be trying to do to become successful in your social media marketing efforts. Feel free to tweak these steps and strategies in such a way that will best fit your business needs and objectives.


However, if you have no idea how to do this, you can also hire a professional who can help you develop a customized social media marketing plan for your business. At Infinit3solutions, our digital marketing team has years of extensive experience in providing services to a wide variety of clients. If you want to learn how we can help you establish and maintain your social media presence, feel free to contact us today!



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