I am not a millennial, of course. But, I understand the utmost importance for millennials to have a LinkedIn account. 3 years ago, I was skeptical about using LinkedIn. Blame it on being old-fashioned and just plain lazy to create and monitor yet another social media site. In time, I was able to appreciate its purpose and it did open a lot of opportunities.

LinkedIn is a social media platform used to connect in a professional level. Imagine it as a huge networking event and a job fair at the touch of your fingertips. It is a gateway to the “real world”.  Currently, it has 300 million users all over the world. Recruiters scour LinkedIn for active and passive applicants. Business executives explore contacts to expand or promote their firm. That is a huge resource waiting to be tapped.

So, let’s bust the common misconceptions and create a LinkedIn account!


Lack of experience to showcase:

I understand for millennials that it is daunting to create an account on LinkedIn because it might look empty due to lack of experience. Try not to look glumly as you compare your profile to a person who started working 5 years ago. Recruiters or other people that will come across your profile can easily do the math and understand that you are just starting your career.



What can you do:

Include highlights of your internship – Were you part of the team who created a website for a client? Have you experienced being part of a marketing project? Does one of your tasks include reports and presentations? Include the roles that were given to you, the skills you have learned and your responsibilities.

Add relevant projects or extra-curricular in your university – Organizing school events and fund-raising is considered a highlight if you are interested in marketing or other related jobs. Explain briefly your tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

Take time to write a summary – The summary section is there for a reason, use it and let your personality shine! There are numerous articles online that can give you an idea of how to formulate a winning profile summary. Lastly, you may include the phrase “actively looking for work” below your name. This helps potential recruiters to search your profile.


Limited connections:

“But there is nobody to add as a contact”! Yes, Linkedin does not have an option for you to contact random people compared to FB. It also has stricter rules for sending messages. However, do not despair! Keep reading.



What you can do:

You can import your contacts in all of the existing email addresses you have. That alone can open a lot of doors to new connections already. Distant relatives, professors, friends, fellow alumni, even colleagues where you finished your OJT. There will always be someone. And that is a good start.

Make it a point to add at least 5 connections every day. That’s how I started. Eventually, you will receive an invitation request from others. Just be patient!

Search for groups that interest you. For starters, you can check for alumni groups, courses, and job opportunities. The search bar will become your best friend!


Boring content:

LinkedIn is devoid of vacation details, food photos, and everyday selfies. It is strictly for professional use. Besides, I don’t think you would like your future employer to see photos of the crazy party you’ve attended last weekend. Save those for FB. Linkedin is your window to the real world. Expect the contents to be more work-related, different industry insights, inspirational career articles and of course, job openings.


What you can do:

Read a post from different groups.  There are tons of news and updates about different industries. Take time to read and learn new things.

Join job groups – If you are on a job hunt, check out work opportunities group. You might find an advertisement for your dream job.”Follow” Companies and influencer: Majority of companies has a LinkedIn profile. It is similar to FB but with more details and less advertising. Influencer, on the other hand, is for prominent figures in the corporate or political world that you can check and follow for updates.

“Follow” Companies and influencers. The Majority of companies has a LinkedIn profile. It is similar to FB but with more details and less advertising. Influencer, on the other hand, is for prominent figures in the corporate or political world that you can check and follow for updates.


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Feature Image credit: students.linkedin.com

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