It’s the time of the year where celebrations are everywhere. Almost everybody is busy planning event, shopping gifts, or foods. All of these are money going out of your pocket. Christmas doesn’t have to be about spending only. As employees, aside from finding smart ways to spend our 13th-month pay, we also have to figure out how we can expand our source of income. 

Holiday is the best season to earn an extra cash. The emotional state of people in terms of buying is remarkably high. This could be an advantage for a business-minded person like you. Take this opportunity to use your skills while earning.

Whether you are planning to put up a side business for holidays only or take advantage this season for a lasting business. Consider the listed business ideas below that you can start as early as now:


Cookie/Cupcake Business

If you know how to bake tasty cookies or cupcake, people will definitely buy them. Cookies and cupcakes are best gifts also for officemates or friends. Contact your friends who are working and market your product to them.




Part time Graphic Designer / Photographer

Got a talent in designing? You can certainly use that in earning extra cash this holiday. Since the trend of family postcards and invitations for corporate events and even family gatherings, your Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop skills can come in handy. On the other hand, since Christmas also translates to parties, there are a lot of clients who are in need of photographers to cover their events. Be sure to check out pricing schemes and do your research first, so you can present yourself more professionally. If you need some design tips, check out our previous blogs


Gift Wrapping Service

One thing that comes first to my mind (i know most people too) when we say Christmas is – GIFTS. I think this is one thing that will never be out on Christmas. Most people love buying gifts but not all love wrapping. Believe me, some are just not really into it or they busy with other things, or some just really don’t have a talent for it.


House Cleaning

People are busy with work, planning events, or watching the kids. They don’t have time to clean and make their house a little bit more presentable than the usual. Who wouldn’t want a clean house during holidays especially if they have gatherings or reunions at their house?


Event Host

Gatherings, reunions, company parties are everywhere. If you’re talkative enough, you can be an event host to any occasions not just for Holiday season.



Final Thoughts:

With the use of creativity, there are many ways to earn extra cash during Christmas even with a little budget. Who knows, you might pursue this business after holidays. This might be the perfect break or season that you’ve been waiting for to execute your business plan. Whatever business you choose, always market it to your friends and take advantage of the social media. If you decided to pursue your business and need further help, just send us a message and our professional team here at Infinit3Solutions will definitely help you whether in Marketing, Consulting, or Website development.

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