Your much-awaited 13th-month pay will be here in a few days. As an employee, you have waited all year long for it, so make sure to spend it properly. If you want to anticipate how much you are about to receive, check out this post for computation.

If you are still thinking on ways on how to spend it, may we suggest this 7 smart ways to make sure that your hard-earned money will come a long way, or even make it worth spending every penny of it?


Emergency Fund

Now is the perfect time to build the emergency fund that you’ve been planning since last year. An emergency fund is important especially in critical times when you get sick, in case of calamity or other emergency family needs.




Invest in Real Estate

If you’re going to receive a huge amount of money, why not invest it in a condominium or a vacant lot in your province? Real Estate is a good investment because it never depreciates. To be more guided, check out our previous post on purchasing lots and how to check land titles.


Invest in Mutual Funds or Stocks

Do you want a passive income? Let your money earn while you are sleeping. You don’t have to be an expert in stocks or market to earn in Mutual Funds. All you have to do is put your money in your trusted institution and let the Fund Manager manage and grow your money over time. There are lots of institution who have Mutual Funds such banks, and insurance company.


Pay your debts

Start your new year debt-free. Settle your payables and get rid of worries that your creditor might get all your assets because of your debts. So, as early as now pay it, if you can’t pay the whole amount, at least half of it. So, better check out your credit card transactions and unpaid bills, and settle it asap.


Seminars and Training

Why not, invest in your self, like adding another skill or improve your expertise. Invest in your personal growth too. It can something for you to improve at work like checking out courses about Illustrator or Photoshop, basic bookkeeping, managerial skills, or even for self-improvement like photography and cooking classes! Find your interest and think of something that you will enjoy.


Go on a vacation

You deserve to unwind too. Reward yourself a nice and comfy vacation using your Christmas bonus. Go with your friends and travel. After all, memories are priceless and our goal is we should create meaningfully ones.


Open a business

Are you a business-minded person? Put up a side business while working full time. Who knows, you might end your 9-5 job and fully focus on your business if its prosperous enough. If you are hesitant to take a huge leap, check out our previous posts on how to get started with the business.  There’s no need to go big right away for you can start with at least Php 10,000.



Final Thoughts:

Think carefully on how to spend your 13th-month pay, so you can welcome 2019 without major money problems. If you decided to open a business and need some help, you can contact us here at Infinit3Solutions and we’ll be glad to help you start a business. We’ll make sure that your hard-earned money will not go to waste.

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