With the economic growth right now, this is the best time to invest and have options for small business ideas in the Philippines. Although there are a lot of factors wherein you might be hesitant, it might be because of limited capital or, it might also be due to time constraints. Let us remind you that the big powerhouses such as SM Supermalls, Mang Inasal, Alibaba and National Bookstore, just to name a few got their start from humble beginnings. So, let’s throw your hesitation out of the window and check out our fantastic ideas on how you can start your entrepreneur journey, with minimal risks. These are also perfect for students, working bees or moms who are looking for some extra income! The good thing about it also is, with Php 5000, you can definitely start something. 

Here is the list of business ideas according to your budget.


Php 5,000 and below


Soap Making Business

Herbal or organic products are becoming more and more popular these days. A lot of people are starting to become conscious of what they are using on their skin or body. They are looking for natural products that don’t use too many chemicals.




Php 5,000 (you can start small first).


Pre-operational requirements:



(Scale, Thermometer, Stick Blender, Containers for Measuring & Mixing Lye, Containers for Mixing the Soap Batter, Heavy Duty Plastic or Silicone Spoons & Spatulas, Gloves & Goggles, Soap Molds).




(depends on what type of recipe, you can find a lot of free recipes online)

Materials for Packaging:

Solid soap formula



Research first what type or recipe of soap you are going to sell. Are you going to focus on a single recipe only or multiple recipes? You can attend seminars and workshops for soap making to learn the basics and the best way to make a soap. Gather all the equipment and materials needed. Create your first soap and market your handmade soap to your target market.



For a handmade soap, you can earn from Php 500 – Php 1,000 per batch (depends on how many soaps you make). You can make big money here once you got your market and ready for bulk orders.


Prepaid Loading Business

Filipinos are one of the most mobiles users in the world. It’s rare to see a person without a mobile phone. And what’s the use of the phone without load, right? This is a fantastic idea especially if you are working in an office – you can be the friendly and trusted reloader in the group! 



Php1,500 – Php2,000


Pre-operational requirements:

Basic Equipment:  Mobile Phone (unless you’re comfortable using your personal dual sim phone)

Retailer Sim Card

Starting load balance:  Php 500 – Php 1,000



Get a retail sim card (Globe, Smart, or Sun Cellular) from a third party seller on your area. You can also use an All-in-one sim, meaning just by using one sim you can resell load to any network.



You can earn at least Php 150 for every Php 1,000 load that you can sell.

Customer’s Load Actual Deduction on your load wallet Paid Amount Profit
Php 20 19.10 Php 22 Php 2.9


Sari-Sari Store

Who wouldn’t want a little convenience store near their house, right? It is like a less expensive and more convenient option than 7-11 where they can buy necessary groceries/items such as coffee, shampoo, rice & some sodas? Interestingly, when done correctly, sari-sari stores have the potential to earn profits up to Php 20,000 in a month! 



Php 3,000 – Php 5,000 (depends on how many goods you want to stock)


Pre-operational requirements:

Small space in your house or rent space

Groceries (items to sell)



Allocate a space on your terrace or even your window that can be easily accessed by your customers. Buy groceries in bulk you want to sell and voila!  You can now operate your sari-sari store.



A sari-sari store owner can earn as much as Php 500 – Php 800 per day.


Jewelry Making

People want something personal and less expensive jewelry. All you have to do is offer something special or new for your customer. If you enjoy crafts and have a talent for designing, then this one is for you! 





Pre-operational requirements:


Pliers, Glue gun, Scissor,

Jewelry Materials Supplier


Display Cabinets or racks



Gather all the materials. If this is your first time making jewelry, it’s better to try making first and ask your friends and relatives if it’s good before selling it. After you make the first batch of your jewelry, take a photo of them then promote it on social media and sell it.



Php 75 – Php 100 per item/jewelry.

Perfume Business

Imported scent but inexpensive perfume will definitely attract customers. The good thing about this business is it only requires small capital but the ROI is double.



Php 3,500 – Php 4,000

Pre-operational requirements:

Perfume Making Starter Kit

Packaging materials

Shop or space in your home as your lab




Buy a starter kit (there are companies that sell a perfume making kit, they also have a premix or ready to use perfume kit). There are a lot of seminars for perfume making, consider to attend one. Once you have your set of perfume, you can now start selling it.



Php50 – Php 75 per bottle.


Php 6,000 – Php 10,000


Bamboo Toothbrush and Metal Straw Reseller

Due to all the calamities like flood here in the Philippines, people are starting to become eco-conscious. One of the best products to use in starting a zero-waste lifestyle are the bamboo toothbrush and metal straw.



Php 6,000


Pre-operational requirements:

Bamboo toothbrush supplier



Eco-friendly products are in trend nowadays. Contact a supplier, buy a toothbrush in bulk then market your business and start earning. There are suppliers that also offers a name engraved on a toothbrush and open for reseller also.



Php 20 – Php 30 per item.


Make-up Service Business

There are lots of events or occasions that require a celebrant or a person to be extra pretty like birthday, wedding, party, events at school, etc. But not all people know how to do make-up. So, if you have the skills, might as well earn from it! 



Php 7,000 – Php 9,000 (depends on what brand you’re going to use)


Pre-operational requirements:

Make-up Set

Make-up bag

Yourself, of course (yep, that’s all you need and you can start home servicing)



I believe you’re gonna choose this business because you already love makeup or an expert in doing it. Buy all the basic makeup kit (remember, separate it from your personal kit). Market your service to your friends and relatives (word-of-mouth marketing) or you can also create a business card or flyers.



Php350 – Php 500 per service/person depends on how many re-touch they need.


Laundry Detergent Business

As I mentioned above, customers are looking for less expensive and fewer chemicals products. And laundry detergent can be one of those products.



Php 7,000


Pre-operational requirements:

Ingredients for detergent

Packing materials (you can use jars for an eco-friendly packaging)

Basic school supplies



Research or attend a seminar on how to make a laundry detergent. Try your product first on some of your old clothes. Decide what type of packaging you are going to use. Market your product in your neighborhood, on social media, distribute flyers, etc.



Php 30 – Php 50 per item.


Invitation Printing Business

Invitations are in-demand for weddings and birthdays and customers are willing to pay for it to add personalization in their event. Some vendors are joining bazaars to promote their business or tie-up with other vendors or event coordinators.





Pre-operational requirements:


Specialty Paper

Glue gun

Other basic school supplies



You can opt to do this business home-based to save money from renting. All you need is some creativity to make an invitation. Market your samples online or make a free invitation for your friends and relatives.



Php 300 – Php 500 per order depends on how many order.


Smart Padala Business

Many Filipinos are working away from their family. Money remittance is necessary to support them. Luckily, Smart Padala offers a more affordable option to send money from overseas Filipino workers back home. 



Php 10,000



Pre-operational requirements:

If you have a sari-sari store all you need are:

Mobile Phone

Php 10,000 or less initial capital

Other documents for requirements



Apply and submit all the requirement to smart padala. You may visit their website for the complete list of requirements.



There’s already a Php 11.50 commission on every 1-1000 remittance plus the fee.

* All income is estimation only and it will depend on how many you make and how much you charge your product/service.


Final Thought:

These small business ideas in the Philippines can be a good way to test the waters if entrepreneurship is your calling. Remember, aside from the pre-operational requirements mentioned above, there are still some things you need to make sure that your business will be successful. Some of these things are — knowledge on how to them, branding — to properly market your product, a good logo design, and a website. Feel like a lot of things to do? Don’t worry, we got your back! Contact us today so we can help you create a professional image, from logo to websites!

Stay tuned for part 2!


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