With their significant buying power that continues to increase, it is undeniable that Millennials are one of the most sought-after market segments. Many businesses strive to connect with them and win their trust to gain a share of their wallets; however, a lot of brands fail. So, how we can possibly do marketing to millennials?

One of the reasons behind this is that business owners and marketers sometimes fail to consider that every generation has their own quirks, which means that millennials require a whole new different kind of touch to appeal to them. The only way businesses will be able to reach and attract this market segment is by streamlining their marketing efforts accordingly. Below are some tips and strategies that will get you in the right direction when it comes to marketing to millennials.


Marketing to Millennials - Go mobile


Go Mobile!

The number of people who own a mobile device is increasing year over year, and a huge chunk of this population are millennials. Knowing this, if you want to reach and do marketing to millennials, you’ve got to go mobile!


In this fast-paced world, people want access to information anytime and wherever they go. So if your marketing strategies are not optimized for mobile, then you should definitely need to consider modifying your approach.

As clichéd as this may sound, millennials are glued to their smartphones and tablets. They just love these devices! So to make your business more appealing to these consumers, you have to make the effort of reaching them through their preferred medium.


You could start off by making your website, landing pages, and emails mobile-friendly. Also, they must be quick to load and present a clear and concise call-to-action. From here, you could go on and think of other interesting ways to stay mobile.


Marketing to Millennials - Strong social media presence


Have a strong social media presence

One cannot deny that millennials are the most active and engaged in various social media platforms. In fact, they prefer interacting with others through these social networks than other channels or outlets. Hence, when producing and distributing content, it is important to take this factor into consideration.

Millennials expect businesses to have an established social media presence. However, you should not just create a profile or page just for the sake of having one. You also need a sound social media marketing strategy. Aside from creating interesting content that promotes engagement, you must also know where to distribute them. By focusing your marketing efforts on the social media platforms where your target market is most active, it is more likely that you will obtain better results in marketing to millennials.

Here are some of the social media techniques that you can implement:

  • Develop loyalty programs for your dedicated customers and followers
  • Host contests through these platforms
  • Authentically engage with customers and prospects by responding to comments and messages (not just canned responses/ templates)
  • Share a wide variety of interesting relevant content—videos, infographics, memes, etc.


Create and share unique, informative, and relevant content


Create and share unique, informative, and relevant content

Instead of just posting promotional content, millennials appreciate it if you provide accurate and valuable information that is relevant to your industry. By producing content that is both informative and entertaining, you will get to position your business as a reliable industry leader. Before long, your brand message will soak in, especially if your target market shares the same core values with your business.

In order to create more effective content that resonates, it is essential to know your audience. By learning about millennials and speaking their language, there is a great chance that they will find your brand more trustworthy.

Once you manage to get it right, you need to maintain consistency and regularly provide the kind of content that your audience responds favorably to and actually shares with their family and friends. Indeed, great content can go a long way towards building strong relationships with your target market.


Establish a personable brand


Establish a personable brand

Millennials prefer personable brands and are more inclined to choose a brand that they could interact with on a personal level. By being entertaining and displaying a sense of humor or wittiness, this generation of consumers will be more interested in your brand. In fact, businesses which millennials can relate to are the ones that maintain a deeper level of connection with this population.


Don’t focus on the sales talk


Don’t focus on the sales talk

The thing about millennials is that they don’t trust the traditional form of marketing and advertising. They tend to display resistance when they know that they are being pitched to. So drop the sales talk and focus on providing value instead. So, if you want to do marketing to millennials, here’s what you should not do…

Once you bombard millennials with sales pitches, they will see your brand as something that is profit-motivated—and they don’t want anything to do with that kind of companies. Therefore, instead of advertising directly, you can employ effective content marketing strategies that will inform, entertain, and eventually win them over. When you manage to earn their trust, everything else will follow—you will be able to convert these qualified leads into sales. Example, post enticing photos, and unique contents. They will eventually “share” it among their pages and thus, doing the marketing for you!


Hire Millennials


Bonus Tip on marketing to millennials: Hire Millennials

Who else would know best about millennials than millennials themselves? If you want to understand their viewpoint and learn how to market to this population, hire millennials and allow them to provide you with fresh insights.

By having millennials in your team and involving them in the strategic process of your marketing initiative, you will be surprised by how they can turn out to be strong assets who can help you achieve optimum results.



Final Thoughts

While marketing to millennials may seem challenging at first, following the tips shared in this article should make the task much easier. In a nutshell, what appeals to millennials or what they need is the human touch. You will surely win them over by connecting with them, providing a rich customer experience, creating and sharing authentic and engaging content, as well as actually listening to what they need or want.

However, if you think that this requires a lot of work on your part and you need to focus on the core aspects of your business, hiring professional digital marketers is the way to go. At Infinit3solutions, our flexible digital marketing experts can help you appeal to millennials (or whoever your target market is) the right way. With our extensive experience in this field, we have acquired the skill of adapting to changing trends and developing customized marketing solutions.

Contact us today and let us discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals!

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