Do you love your job? 

Love comes in all forms although, it is usually linked having a significant other in our life. But in most cases, love or dedication in our job is important since it covers approximately 45 hours a week of our lives.  It is disheartening to think if we spend those hours sulking. Although in the real world, of course, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies that we will encounter. It might be the Boss-zilla, hellish traffic or zero vacation that diminished our spirit.

Here is a short trivia, did you know that Filipinos are the happiest with their jobs. Based on the survey made by Jobstreet, a whopping 70% of Filipinos are happy with their line of work, compared to our other South East Asian counterparts.

Are you a part of this group? If not, what can we do about this? Here’s our checklist that will definitely help


Break the ice and start building a friendship at work.

This step definitely makes work more bearable once you develop ties with your colleagues. This is beyond gossip hours in the office. It is more for coffee or lunch breaks, power meetings or even after office gatherings. It is a relief to have someone to share your goals (or sorrows) at work with a person who truly understands the situation.



Indulge the feeling of accomplishments.

A huge pile of unfinished work is quite daunting. The opposite of that is an empty checklist in your things-to-do-list. And that feels great! Take it a notch higher and give your best in everything you do, from emails to report. Take it as an opportunity to improve your skills.



Stop Multitasking.

Yes, we’ve said it before and we will say it again. Multi-tasking is not entirely productive, it’s just a nice word to describe that someone is not concentrating well at work. Focus especially on tasks in which are too difficult or you lack the motivation to do so. Observe how time flies and be amazed at how much you can accomplish.


Acquire new skills.

Another work killer is boredom. When the work environment becomes monotonous, we tend to lose interest or take it for granted. Try to learn new things, say, how to use Adobe Illustrator or browse in different marketing materials to gather new ideas. It might sound uncool to others but it is so much better than killing time browsing endlessly on FB.


Take a vacation.

No matter how much we love what we do, there will be a time when we feel worn out. We always need time to recharge. Check on the holidays’ schedule and plan an out of town trip to feel more energized and prepared for a new batch of work!


Remember your inspirations.

Again, this does not only covers having a significant other. It can be planning on your future business, a good life to your kids or a dream vacation. Recall those thoughts in days when it is extremely difficult to get by at work. I am sure that you will manage to get by.


Remember, as Steve Jobs quoted, ” The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.



Have a great weekend!


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