So you’ve heard that blogging can strengthen your branding, boost your website traffic, and generate more leads. You predetermined to start a blog for your business, but you have a major problem—you’re not a writer. In this article, you will learn some blogging tips that will help you accomplish this time-consuming, yet rewarding endeavor successfully.


blogging tips 1 never plagiarize


Blogging tips #1 Never plagiarize!

No matter how desperate you are for good ideas to write, never copy someone else’s work and claim it as your own. You always hear “Give credit where credit is due”, and this totally applies to writing blogs. You can quote others or use their factual data and statistics, but never forget to cite your sources.

Not only is plagiarism an unethical practice, you can also get penalized by Google and pushed far down the ranks.



blogging tips 2 choose quality topics


Blogging tips #2 Choose a quality topic.

The first step in creating an awesome blog post is choosing a high-quality topic, and by “high quality” we mean unique, relevant, meaningful, and interesting.

You may ask: how do I choose the best topic to blog about?


It’s fairly simple. You need to assess what is your expertise, what you’re passionate about, and what your potential clients will find useful. By asking yourself these questions, you will surely have tons of ideas flowing in. You don’t have to filter the good ideas and not-so-good ideas yet; just take note of everything.

Next, it’s time to run through all these ideas and evaluate which of these would have the greatest impact on your target market. This is also the time when you can trim down the list and retain only the best ones that fit the above criteria.

Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find out if users are actually searching the topics included in your list. Through this tool, you will learn about the average monthly searches for these and other related topics.

However, it is important to note that this tool should only be considered as a guide, and you should still use your best judgment.


blogging tips 3 always create an outline


Blogging tips #3 Always create an outline.

An outline can help you organize your ideas in a logical way, and serves as a guide when you start writing your blog post. By creating and using an outline, your article will have a smooth flow and you can be sure that all the insights and ideas you want to emphasize will be covered.


When creating an outline:

  1. You need to consider the main purpose of your article.
  2. Arrange the main points you aim to get across into a structure that makes sense.
  3. Include subtopics under each main point.
  4. Add more layers if necessary.


blogging tips number 4 always create an outline


Blogging tips #4 Write clearly, naturally, and concisely.

You can show that you are an expert in your field without using fancy words and jargons. In fact, by using simple words and being able to explain complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner, you are actually showing that you know what you’re talking about.

The more readable a post is, the higher the chance that your target market will be able to relate and engage. If your aim is to attract new clients who are new to the industry, avoid using technical terms as much as possible because this may discourage readers from reading on. However, if you need to use technical terms in a post that is targeted to those who are unfamiliar with the industry, make sure that you explain the terms concisely.


always review your work before posting


Blogging tips #5 ALWAYS review your work before posting.

Reviewing your work for inaccuracies in information, structure, punctuation, and grammar errors is an extremely important step in the writing process.

Once you finish writing your piece, read it from start to finish and make sure that the flow is good, words are spelled correctly, grammar and syntax are correct, and sentences are punctuated accurately and arranged logically. Remember that your blog posts reflect your company and a poorly written article can adversely affect your credibility.

It is also a good idea to share your article with someone else who can provide constructive feedback before publishing it. This will allow you to improve your piece even further.


include high quality image


Blogging tips #6 Include high-quality images or videos that are relevant.

Instead of posting just plain text, it would be better if you could include high-quality images and videos to make your blog more interesting. Aside from preventing your readers from getting bored with your post, the right images and video clips can help you convey your message more clearly and support your point. By doing a simple search, you will be able to find royalty-free stock images that you can use.


structure your blog post


Blogging tips #7 Structure your blog post.

People can have a really short attention span (Nope, I’m not just talking about kids). Shorter paragraphs give people the illusion that your blog post is just a short read; hence, they will be encouraged to continue reading until the end.

Moreover, a lot of people who visit blogs only scan the posts and do not actually read everything. By using short paragraphs and bullets that provide fast answers, you will be able to grab their attention.


Final Thoughts

Writing a blog is not an impossible task. Though you may initially find it challenging, especially if you haven’t written anything longer than an email since college, you should not give up. A lot of what people consider professional bloggers nowadays are not necessarily good writers. Despite this, they continue writing and sharing their expertise in their respective fields.

Use that as an inspiration and write about topics relevant to your business. By doing this, you will not only be able to drive business growth but will also practice and enhance your writing skill.


However, if you think that writing is really not for you even after following the tips shared in this article, you may want to consider hiring a professional writer who can write fresh, engaging, and informative content that will improve your online presence and drive business growth.

At Infinit3solutions, we have a team composed of professional writers who each have their own expertise and thorough knowledge on certain niches. This allows us to be versatile enough to accommodate all kinds of writing projects on a diverse range of topics.

No project is too small or too big for us. Whether you only need a few articles or a regular supply of high-quality articles centered on your business, our company is willing to give you a hand.

Contact us today and let us provide all your content needs!


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