Visual content marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy, and one of the most popular forms of visual content is videos.So after you’ve written an interesting script, created and edited the video itself, and uploaded it on an online video streaming platform, all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and watch your video get thousands of views. It’s supposed to be that easy, right?But it isn’t.

If your videos are getting just a small number of views, read on and find out why your videos are not getting views.


why your videos are not getting views - videos are too long


Your videos are too long

According to studies, the attention span of people is 8 seconds. Moreover, around two-thirds of all consumers prefer watching videos that only run for under 1 minute. In other words, it is best if you will keep your videos short and the reason why your videos are not getting views is because it is too long.


You can’t possibly provide much information if you’re just going to stick to the 8-second attention span that humans have. However, what you can do is to make sure that that first couple of seconds will successfully grasp the viewers’ attention, engage them, and keep them watching until the end.


targeting wrong kind of audience


You are targeting the wrong kinds of viewers

I love cat videos. You may also like cat videos. Who doesn’t love cat videos? But what does this have to do with your company’s brand?


Every single time you’re creating videos, make sure that you ask yourself what do these have to do with your brand. Sure, you can incorporate cats into your videos, but they must be highly relevant to your audience.

When you’re creating a video marketing strategy for your business, one of the first things that you should consider is if your target viewers will be interested the content you’re planning to produce and if they will get some value out of them. Do not make them regret that they’ve spent their time watching your videos, and make sure that you were able to answer the questions they have in mind which brought them to your videos in the first place.


not promoting content in other channels


You’re not promoting your video content on other online platforms

Okay, so you’ve created an original video content and published it YouTube. Instead of just leaving it there, aim to increase its viewability by promoting the video on other online platforms. The primary advantage of repurposing content for other channels is that it can boost traffic and engagement.

Studies have shown that one-third of all internet users are using YouTube. However, when thinking about the channels to focus your marketing efforts, keep in mind that YouTube is not the only platform where this type of content is consumed.

For instance, video content is getting increasingly popular on Facebook. In fact, 45 percent of people are reportedly watching over an hour of videos on either Facebook or YouTube. Furthermore, Facebook is the most popular social networking platform. So if you’re wondering why your videos are not getting views, it is because you are just exerting your efforts on YouTube and do not create and post video content on Facebook,. With this, you are surely missing out on a significant chunk of viewers.

When determining where to publish your videos, consider the demographics of your target audience to determine where they are usually spending their time online. For instance, if your target consumers belong to Generation Z, it is highly likely that they are 1.4x more likely to consume video content on YouTube compared to Facebook, according to AdWeek.


why your videos are not getting views - misleading titles


Why your videos are not getting views? Videos have misleading titles

You are probably familiar with the term clickbait. Simply put, this refers to using highly attention-grabbing titles that “trick” people into clicking on a specific link only to find out that the content doesn’t deliver what was expected from the title. This is a big NO and can even result in serious penalties from some social media sites and may also lower your SERP ranking.

The title is the first thing that viewers will see, so you obviously need to make your title interesting enough or click-worthy. However, you should also ensure that the title is relevant and describes your video.

Otherwise, creating click baits will tarnish your online reputation and viewers will associate your brand with misleading videos. When this happens, they will tend to avoid watching your videos even if they come across them on various sites.


why your videos are not getting views - not optimized


Your videos are not optimized.

In order for your target audience to find your videos, you need to optimize several aspects of search. Here are some elements that require optimization for greater visibility:

  • Title– keep your title concise and accurate. Incorporate keywords where possible.
  • Description– provide the most important information in the first 100 characters of your video’s description. Again, include some keywords in the first few lines of text.
  • Tags– these help your viewers understand what your video is all about. So add relevant tags, avoid misleading ones, and add relevant keywords.
  • Category– ensure that you are choosing the suitable category for your videos so that they will be grouped together with the similar content on the online platform.


why your videos are not getting views - no effects on viewers



Your video has no effect on your viewers

In order for your video marketing to be effective, you must ensure that they will feel something after watching your content. Otherwise, they will feel like they just wasted their time.

Keep in mind that emotions can affect consumers’ buying decisions and can even prompt them to share your video with others. So clearly identify what you intend to achieve with the video that you created, tell a story, and focus on accomplishing your objective. However, it is also important to remember that you should stay consistent with your brand instead of producing anything just to elicit a reaction.


Final Thoughts

Videos will be useless if they do not reach the target audience and thus be resulting in why your videos are not getting views. If you are experiencing lack of views on the videos that you publish, don’t worry because this is a common problem that digital marketers face. Hopefully, this article sheds some light on the possible reasons behind this issue and will give you some insights on how you can address them effectively.

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