I’m a huge fan of planners. I love flipping through my pretty designed planner pages. For me, new planner means a new start, a new opportunity to strive better. Having a planner feels like having the power to run or design your day.

A planner will help you stay focused and organized to achieve your goals whether it is business or personal. Although just to get one thing straight, having a planner is not enough to organize, it is a start to being organized.  On the other hand, achieving your goals means making your planner work for you and not just writing on it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything that you do, you might wanna consider including these items below in your new planner:



Of course, the first on the list is the annual, monthly, weekly, or daily calendar. It’s up to you if you want a monthly calendar only or a combination of two. The calendar is the most important page of the planner because how else are you supposed to remember your deadlines or appointments, right? It’s also nice to have a quick glance at your schedule.




Never miss an important date anymore! To start, write all the holidays that your country has. All your colleagues birthdays especially your boss’ birthday. You can also include your meeting schedules or appointments. Let’s admit it, we’ve been busy sometimes that we forgot that it’s our anniversary or your close friend’s birthday. Having it on your planner makes you not just an organized person but a thoughtful and sweet friend also.



Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t memorize all my username and password. With all the accounts we created how many of them do you remember the username and password? Take note that almost all accounts or apps require the password to have a combination of uppercase letter, numbers, and special character. The bad news is you can’t use your regular password for some apps. So, if you’re like me, it doesn’t hurt to take down notes all your login details.



Keep an overview of your yearly or monthly goals. Stay motivated by always checking it and if you’re on the track of your goals. After all the point of having a planner is to help you focus on your goals, right?




List down all the things that you need to FINISH within the day or week. If you are doing it daily, I suggest making the list every afternoon, so you don’t have to think about what to do the whole day early in the morning. If by weekly, schedule the listing maybe every Sunday or Friday.



Of course, we need a blank space to write random stuff or ideas. You can also use this to write down the minutes of the meeting. Or just a space for your doodles every time you’re bored. Wink, Wink.



If you have a lot of projects to monitor, a project management page is recommended for you. Write down the project title, deadline, assigned committees/person, supplies, task, etc.



What I did in my planner is a combination of To-go list, to watch, to read, to buy, etc. You can add any list according to your needs. This is basically the list of anything you want to do later or in the near future.



Get the most from your social media platforms by maintaining posts and schedules. Posting consistently can get you more followers and engagement on social media. Social Media Calendar helps you stay ahead of all the celebration or holiday where you can elevate your business. For example, March is a women’s month; you can take advantage of it by marketing on your social media about women.




There’s really no perfect planner. You just have to make or buy a planner according to your needs or what suits you best. A little planning will help you achieve your goals this new year. So once you got your new planner, take some time to set it up. If you’re having a hard time marketing your business online, contact us now and we’ll be glad to assist you! 

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