We have been told that nothing comes easy in life. Likewise, on job hunting, good things do take time and when that moment comes, savor it for there is no doubt that it is well-deserved. However, it is difficult to absorb those lines after multiple rejections during a job application. Before you start blaming the heavens or even PNoy, take a step back, let’s redo your battle plan and read how you can surpass your job hunting!


1. When the phone and email stay dead:

You are starting to wonder once you send your resume and it goes straight to Bermuda Triangle. Here are the possible culprits:


a. Resume:

This serves as your key to the door, so it has to be short, precise and informative as possible. I strongly suggest a 1-page resume, but, if it is not possible, try to make it 2 pages. Do not include ALL the seminars and training you have attended. Choose which are suited for the job opening that you are applying. For tips, you can check it out here.



b. Cover Letter:

Honestly, I skip on a cover letter that sounds too generic. Do some research about the company and add bits and pieces in your letter. Remember, it is not entirely about your skills (which can be found on your resume), but on how you can be a perfect addition to them. Make it cohesive. Oh, and do not mention to feel free to call you at any time if you cannot pick up the phone, state a time which will be the best to call you, it is greatly appreciated.


c. Where you send your application:

Do not go crazy and go “Bahala na” in your application. If you are under-qualified, do not send your resume anymore. Overqualified? State the reason in your cover letter why you are interested in the said job. Here are some ideas on where you can send your resume.


2. When the phone does ring but no actual interview:

You manage to get a phone interview, you thought you did great but, you have not received any positive feedback. What could have possibly happened?



a. Sounding too nervous or casual:

Remember, no matter how casual the phone interview may seem, always be on your toes for it is an interview. Do not be too relaxed and imagine that you are in an actual interview. Too nervous? Check out some tips here on how to be a pro in interviews.


b. Your location:

Is the connection bad? Are you in a public area? Is it the time of the day when the roosters and the dogs are having a concert? Noise and other distractions should absolutely be avoided. You might be accustomed to it, but the interviewer may not. You can inform the interviewer nicely to call back if it is not a good time to call.


c. Rescheduling too often:

In rescheduling a phone interview, you do not have to elaborate much on your reason but, when you mention a date and time, make sure that you are glued to your phone and ready to answer the call.


 3. When there is no feedback after the actual interview:

The “almost there” feeling is worse, and it’s 10x worse when it happens frequently. Like, “going to the supermarket and the cashier counter closes when it is your turn” worse. Let’s check on the things you can improve:


a. Your interview attire:

They DO check your appearance. A client informed me before that especially when the job requires precision, how can they entrust this to someone who does not even bother to press his clothes? Be in your best interview outfit all the time, no matter how casual the job or the office may look like.


b. Tardiness:

Traffic is like rice in our meal. It is always constant and it is not going anywhere. Therefore, it is not a reasonable excuse. If you are running late, do inform the interviewer.


c. Being unprepared:

I know that we like to maximize our job hunt by scheduling multiple interviews in a day. And that is okay. What is not is being clueless about the company and the position you applied for. Do your homework right before you step into their reception area. If you need some practice for the actual interview, check out our tips to help you out.


It is recommended to evaluate the factors you can improve so you can do better in the next interview. And, we do hope that you will receive the much-awaited job offer afterward. Good luck!


Photo credit: raumrot.com

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