For fresh grads, career shifters and interns on job search, this one is for you!

This post was originally the 1st edition of our “Job Search Out of the Box” Series. Here, we expand on what we’ve mentioned in our job search post about start-up and SMEs. Read on to find out what are the advantages and on what to expect when you work for these type of companies. Bonus advise this is also applicable when you are applying for an internship!



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1. It’s not all about Size

I have mentioned in my previous post not to overlook start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses in your job consideration. Start-up, by description, is a company that is in the first stage of its operations. And a report from the Department of Trade and Industry showed from 820, 255 business enterprises operating in the Philippines, 99.6% (816,759) are micro, small, and medium enterprises. It is quite a huge number and it also means that more jobs are being generated by them.


But this is not for the faint-hearted. Or focused on the 9 to 6 schedule. Neither of them in fact!



2. Flexibility is paramount

You are working with people who took the unconventional path. They do not have a set work schedule and probably juggling 2 or more jobs or projects at the same time.


“It’s not part of my job description” line is non-existent.


Since it’s mostly composed of a small (but very talented) team, the more you put on the table, the more respect and admiration you will get from your boss and colleagues. Plus, you will be more indispensable. Your voice can be heard and your opinion is definitely taken into consideration.

In fact, flexibility has to be taken in both ways…As the company will also let you “fly like a bird” sometimes. In fact, how many times have you seen your creativity blown off by rigid company policies? How often your ideas were overlooked because “nobody cares”?

Small (and smart) companies are all about innovation. They give you a real chance to express yourself, to build new paths of growth and truly stand out when you prove you have “what it takes” to develop their business.


3. Be Creative




There will be times when you will be tested on what you can produce with limited resources. Of course, these type of companies do not have an overflowing cash flow and a strict budget is always in place. Think outside of the box and exceed everyone’s expectation of what you can do!

The rewards are way beyond words and monetary compensation. Sure, an added bonus here and there is more than welcome but, since you are with a hard-working boss, they truly appreciate a job well done and they know how to keep you smiling!

Never stop to take initiatives and be creative, as long as it remains under company interests and approved by the management. You will be rewarded for your motivation in no time!

The best part? It will be working in a close-knit family with one goal in mind, to see the business grow and that sense of accomplishment which truly cannot be measured.

I hope this article gave you a clearer view of the advantages and thrill of working in a fast-growing start-up. Always keep a fresh mind on the job market, and don’t hesitate to find alternate routes to get to the top!

Stay tuned for next week, I will provide a list of fantastic jobs and advantages that they offer.

For those who are interested in working with us as an intern, or who are interested in checking out other job openings, you can send your resume here.




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