After working hard to entice and retain customers, the best thing to do next is to maximize your efforts through upselling. But what is upselling? To understand the meaning of this sales step in the simplest form, think of fast food restaurants. For example, when you order a Big Mac at McDonald’s, it is almost automatic for the crew to ask if you would like fries with that, or if you would like to make your Big Mac meal a large—that exactly is what upselling is.

Although asking the customer to spend more money on your business can be challenging, McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants have proven that the art of upselling actually works. But how do you really make people willingly take your offer and help you make a bigger sale? Sometimes, all you got to do is ask.

Sending an upsell email is one of the best ways to accomplish this, especially when you send the emails between purchases to drive further sales. However, the only way this could work is if your emails can effectively convince the customer that you are just trying to help him or you have his best interest in mind.

Basically, here are the components of one of the basic sales step:  great upsell email:


Personalize your greetings.

Let your customer know immediately that you recognize him. While using a generic greeting will make it appear like you are just trying to get everyone in your contact list to avail more products, using the customer’s name, on the other hand, will make him feel that the information that you provide on your email is tailored specifically to his unique needs.



Show the product that the recipient of the email recently bought.

When customers open your email and see the product/s that they recently purchased, they will be reminded of their wise decision and they will most likely read the rest of the email. In short, by fostering positive feelings right away, you will be able to keep them interested and minimize the risk of having clients ignore your message.

Once you decide to do this strategy, you have to let the recipients know how your next recommendation is related to the item that they recently purchased and how this could further add value to their business or their lives. If their first purchase was a success and they had a pleasant experience, they will most likely be more receptive to your next offers.

In addition, by anchoring what you’re recommending to what they’ve recently purchased, you will be able to make them understand that you’re not giving a random suggestion. Instead, you are giving offering an additional product or service which is relevant to their specific needs.

When you manage to accomplish this, you’re definitely on your way towards establishing a valuable kind of business.



Ask your customers what they think.

Regardless of how advanced your automation program is, there is a pretty good chance that you won’t get things right every single time. With this, you must give your customers the chance to improve your recommendations.

You can include a link in your email which redirects to a specific part of your site where they can answer a short survey about their product interests, or have them upvote or downvote a particular product that they’re not interested in. Always keep in mind that having more data about your target customers is always a good thing because you will get to know more about them.


Provide several ways on how they could contact you.

In every email that you send to your customers, don’t forget to include your contact information. It is highly recommended that you provide multiple means for customers to reach you. By doing this, your customers will be able to ask you some questions or concerns that they may have regarding the product or service that you are recommending in the upsell email.


Add social sharing buttons.

Your upsell emails will be more effective if your existing customers will tell other people about the products or services that they availed from your company or the items that you are recommending. By adding social sharing buttons, you will be able to make it easier for them to share your products with their family and friends.

When you add this feature and highly satisfied customers shared your offerings with the world, you will be surprised by the results that you may obtain. Additionally, this will also give your social media accounts greater exposure. Once they decide to follow your social media accounts, you will have more ways to nurture your leads and existing clients.


Give them an option to opt-out of your emails.

Although you want to have as many people as possible receiving your upsell emails, you shouldn’t keep them against their will. You should give them the choice to opt out of your emails if they find it irrelevant to their needs. Don’t feel too bad about it; because who knows, maybe they are on your site on a regular basis anyway and just don’t want your emails piling up in their inbox. You can console yourself with that possibility.



Final Thoughts

Mastering the art of sales step, especially upselling is not a walk in the park. You need to be ready to test numerous approaches and constantly improve your strategy to achieve your desired results.

Each year, engagement through email marketing declines and it gets more and more difficult to reach target customers through their inbox. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that email marketing is dead—it doesn’t lose its efficacy—but rather it just becomes increasingly competitive.

By having a professional writer with sales and marketing expertise to assist you with crafting effective upsell emails, things will be much easier for you. Furthermore, when you reach out to the experts at Infinit3solutions, you will be able to gain access to the specialized skills required to reach your business goals. Contact us today and work with professionals who are proficient at what they do!

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