Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. While creating great content can drive traffic and attract more leads, SEO is what makes your content visible to your target market. In this article, we will focus on how to Search Engine Optimize your blog. Below are some of the easy steps to Search Engine Optimize your blog


use-1-2-longtail-keywords - easy steps to Search Engine Optimize your blog


Use 1 to 2 long-tail keywords in your blog post

In SEO, it is important to integrate keywords into your content. However, this doesn’t mean that you should include as many keywords as you can. In fact, this practice called “keyword stuffing” can adversely affect your ranking in search engines and does not provide a pleasant read experience.

Rather than incorporating a lot of keywords to improve your ranking in organic search, what you should do is to include keywords in a natural way. For each blog post, it is recommended to just focus on 1-2 long-tail keywords based on your keyword research in order to attract the right kind of traffic. Keep in mind that those who search long-tail keywords are more likely to be qualified leads.



easy steps to search optimize your blog - add keywords


Add keywords in Title, Subheadings, Body, Meta Description, and URL

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, it’s time to include them in your posts. So where should you add them?

First, it is recommended to incorporate it in the title because it is the first thing that will help readers and search engines determine if your post is relevant. If you have a long title, it is advisable to add your keywords, in the beginning, to prevent it from getting cut off on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Aside from the title, it is also recommended to include keywords in your subheadings and the body itself. However, you should keep in mind that when incorporating your keywords, you must do so in a reader-friendly manner. Although search rankings are undoubtedly important, your main focus should still be providing value to your target audience.

Search engines do not only analyze the content of your posts, but also the URL and Meta Description, which provides your audience with information or an overview of what your post is about. With this, it is recommended to optimize them by adding keywords in it.



easy steps to Search Engine Optimize your blog - Make your blog mobile-friendly


Make your blog mobile-friendly 

More and more people use search engines on their mobile devices instead of computers. For searches performed on mobile, search engines such as Google show mobile-friendly results first.

Aside from contributing to a good user experience, the mobile-friendliness of websites becomes more and more crucial for SEO. With this, if you haven’t been working on making your blog mobile-friendly, better prioritize it now so your ranking on organic search won’t suffer.

What’s great about having a responsive design for your blog is that the pages will just have a single URL rather than two different ones (i.e., one for mobile and one for desktop). This is good for SEO because all inbound links that come back to your blog will not be separated between two URLs. In short, the SEO power that you will obtain will be centralized.


optimize the image that you use to


Optimize the images that you use.

One of the most basic guidelines when writing blog posts and easy steps to Search Engine Optimize your blog is to include images that would not only improve the appearance of the post but will also help explain it. For your blog’s images to be good for SEO, you have to optimize its alt text.

Technically, alt text refers to an attribute that you can include an image tag in HTML. The purpose of the alt text is to help search engines understand what that particular image is all about, and helps these pictures to be found in search engines.

Although optimizing your images by adding keywords in the alt text may not give your blog a huge boost in search results, it is actually worth the extra minute to rename your image from “IMG8562” into something more descriptive.


easy steps to Search Engine Optimize your blog - link to other pages


Link to other pages on your website 

Inbound links are good for SEO because it shows search engines that your content is relevant. The same is true for linking internally to the other pages of your business website. For example, if you have written about a particular topic that has been discussed in your previous blog post, it is recommended to link to that post.

Aside from being a good practice for SEO purposes, it can also be helpful for your audience and at the same time make them stay longer on your blog. Better keep this easy steps to Search Engine Optimize your blog in the bank!




Forget about using several topic tags that are too similar

Although topic tags can be useful especially when organizing the content of your blog, they can also have adverse effects if you overuse them. Having too many similar topic tags (e.g., “blog posts”, “blog”, and “blogging”) for the same blog post can, in fact, get you penalized because search engines will think that you have duplicate content.

Basically, when you create a new topic tag, you create a new site page as well—a site page where all posts with these topic tags will show up. Therefore, if you use several topic tags that are too similar to each other for a single post, it will then look as if you are showing the same content multiple times in your blog.



Final Thoughts

Always remember that SEO is a continuous process. In addition, when you search engine optimize your blog, you shouldn’t expect that it would rank higher instantly. It actually takes time and effort to establish search authority.

By consistently optimizing your posts and regularly updating your blog with reader-friendly content, you will definitely enjoy greater traffic by employing these easy steps to Search Engine Optimize your blog and generate more leads in the long run. However, if you don’t have sufficient free time and skills to optimize your blog or website, hiring a professional may be a viable alternative. The SEO specialists of Infinit3solutions are updated with the latest SEO tools and practices that can boost your ranking in organic search.

Feel free to contact us today for further information about our SEO services.

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