As more and more people use mobile devices, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to make the necessary efforts to ensure that they are using mobile marketing efforts. There are two ways by which businesses can establish their mobile presence—through a mobile app or/and a mobile website.

Choosing between these two options can be a challenging task because each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In a nutshell, mobile apps allow businesses to reach their target market in a highly customizable medium. Through mobile applications, you will be able to easily implement your unique marketing strategies that are tailored specifically to your business.

Meanwhile, mobile-friendly websites allow your prospects and customers to access your company website on their mobile devices. The main advantage of this is that they will be able to view your website even when they are on the go. Regardless of which one you choose or prefer, the fact remains that your company needs a mobile presence. So read on to see how you can maximize mobile marketing.


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Mobile-Friendly Websites for Mobile Marketing

According to recent studies, most adults in the United States are owners of smartphones, and that the usage of mobile devices for surfing the internet is steadily increasing and rapidly surpassing laptop and personal computer usage across the world. With this, it seems like mobile technology is more than just a fad. Mobile devices have become a significant part of people’s lives in this modern world.

Since the update of Google in April of 2015, preference in mobile searches was given to those which have a mobile-friendly website. A specialized tool was created in order to determine the mobile-friendliness of a website and to help entrepreneurs serve their customers and prospects better through this medium. One of the most distinguishing features of mobile-friendly websites is its responsive design.

The popularity of mobile devices has gone far beyond the expectations of experts, and mobile usage continues to grow. Hence, the most straightforward reason why you need to create a company website that is mobile-friendly is that this is where your clients and potential customers are.


mobile marketing through mobile application


Marketing through Mobile Applications

If you think that mobile applications are only for those huge corporations and popular brands—you’re wrong! In fact, there is an increasing number of small- to midsize- businesses that are hopping on this trend because of the many benefits that this can contribute to their growth. If you want to step up your mobile marketing strategy, you need to consider going beyond developing a mobile-friendly company website. For some businesses, a dedicated mobile application is necessary.

I bet you also have at least one business mobile application on your own smartphone or tablet. These smart companies know that a mobile app can give their business a boost and take it to a whole new level. Below are some reasons why you should also consider having a mobile app for your business:


Mobile applications improve your visibility and accessibility

What’s awesome about mobile applications is that they are always there on your clients’ or prospects’ smartphones or tablets. They can access information, get rewards, or obtain coupons even without searching your company website. Though opening a browser and searching for your website is not that hard to do, having a mobile application that they can simply launch with a single tap makes your business all the more accessible.


Mobile applications can help strengthen your brand and boost brand recognition

A mobile application is highly customizable. This means that you can develop it in such a way that will best fit your brand personality. When creating a mobile app, you can include all the features that your target market may want or need, and design it in a way that will best reflect your brand. If you manage to do it right, your prospects and clients will become more involved in your brand and also improve brand recognition.


Mobile applications can provide an added value to your customers

When you create a mobile app to be used for your loyalty program or to offer exclusive deals, rewards, and coupons, your clients will gain additional value from it. Chances are high that your customers also have mobile devices. So when they can download your app to access coupons and exclusive rewards that would be more favorable and convenient for them. Moreover, by offering these benefits, your mobile app will become shareable on social media and will, in turn, result in a higher number of downloads.


Mobile apps can promote customer loyalty

In the business world, customer loyalty is a significant factor regardless of the size of the company. Always remember that consumers are bombarded with a lot of sales messages from different channels.


They see billboards, flyers, and ads on television and radio. When they are online, they see promotions on social media and other websites. In short, they are getting too much information. However, by giving them a mobile app that provides them instant information, exclusive offers, and rewards, as well as other additional benefits, customers will stay close to you.


Mobile marketing and applications can boost engagement

When implemented properly, your mobile application strategy will help you boost customer engagement. By adding special features such as a help desk and social media links to your mobile app, you will be able to bridge the gap between you and your target market. Communicating through a mobile app is much more convenient and effective compared to communicating through email.



Final Thoughts

Both a mobile-friendly website and a mobile app can be an effective way to establish a mobile marketing presence. You may either choose one or both, depending on your budget, nature of your business, and how your prospects and clients relate to it.

Some companies develop a mobile-friendly website first, and then a mobile app at a later time. If you need help in establishing your mobile presence, Infinit3solutions’ team of developers can help you create a responsive mobile-friendly website and application.

What makes our approach work is that we help you analyze what is best for your business. We understand that every situation is unique, so we implement tailored solutions for each of our clients. Contact us today and let us discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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