LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms that digital marketers use to find new potential clients. It is common for salespeople to manage their own profile on LinkedIn, which they use to research about the prospect before emailing or calling them, as well as keep themselves updated about what their potential clients post.

A good salesperson knows how to narrow down the results of their search according to industry, geographical location, company, and other factors, as well as the other basic strategies of prospecting through LinkedIn.

However, in some cases, these common strategies are not sufficient to help you achieve your targets. Although the Search bar seems to be the most logical tool to use when looking for new business opportunities, salespeople should keep in mind that this is not the only way to achieve their goals.

Here are the 7 effective Linked tips that definitely helps for sales prospecting.


Take note of the “People Also Viewed” section on the sidebar.

Go to the profile of one of your best prospects or clients and then view the People Also Viewed section on the right. In this box, you will see other users that are similar in some way to that particular customer. So there! You instantly have several other prospects. But of course, you should also analyze if the contacts are indeed a good fit for your business.



Find potential clients who are in new job roles.

In sales, one of the most effective trigger events involves making changes in career. When an individual assumes a new job role, they are more receptive to the idea of changing things a bit by trying out a new product or service. Once you manage to get in the picture at the right timing, you will surely be able to get a new customer.

If you want to know who among your connections has recently taken on a new job or made a career shift, you may click on the “Keep in Touch” button which can be found under the Connections tab. By doing this, you will be able to keep yourself updated and reach out to your prospects just in time. These LinkedIn tips give you an opportunity to send a message without feeling a tad awkward.


Find the networks of your competitors.

Offering your products and services to your competitors’ customers is way easier compared to selling to totally new potential clients who do not have a prior experience with the specific type of product that you are selling. The fact that they have already recognized the idea that they need your products or services saves you a lot of time.

If you know your product well, you will surely be able to craft highly convincing arguments as to why these consumers should choose your offerings over those of your competitors. On LinkedIn, it is possible to search the networks of other users, as long as they don’t select the option to keep this info private.

Knowing this, it is recommended to check the profile of the salespeople working for your rival company since they are most likely connected with their existing or potential clients.



Browse through the Skill endorsements.

What many salespeople fail to consider is that people tend to attract people who are similar to them in some way. Just like the strategy which involves the “People Also Viewed” section, you can also browse through the Skills section on one of your best clients’ profile. Here, you should find endorsements from other people, which may also turn out to be a good lead.


Utilize the Alumni search.

You may probably already know about the standard search of this professional social networking platform is extremely helpful in sourcing new leads. However, except for common interests or shared connections, the users who are displayed in search results often do not have any similarity with you.

It is difficult to connect through phone or email without having a common interest that you can use to initiate the relationship. With this, if you want to target potential clients who attended the same university you graduated from, you can use LinkedIn’s Alumni Search through this link: With this Linkedin tips, you will be able to easily get a list of new prospects whom you can easily relate to and start to kick things off.


Check who commented on the posts of your potential clients or existing customers.

When you’re browsing through your feed, don’t just skip the comments section of your connections’ posts. Who knows? You may find more potential clients who are relevant to your business and may eventually be great additions to your customer base.

Furthermore, because they are obviously active on LinkedIn, you can use their comment as an effective jump-off point. You can reply to their comment, praise it, or share a relevant article. In other words, you can start building your relationship through this.


See who engaged with your posts.

Regardless of the type of LinkedIn subscription you have, you can view who interacted with your posts. Moreover, if you want to know who checked your profile, you can go to “Profile” and then click on “Who’s Viewed My Profile”.

If you only have a free LinkedIn account, you will only be able to view a small number of users who checked out your profile. Meanwhile, users with a premium account can see every user who visited their profile.

So why is this important? These people are obviously interested to engage with you. If you see that they are not yet among your customers and they seem to make good leads, don’t hesitate to send them a private message or an email.



Final Thoughts

If your lead list is looking thin and the common LinkedIn strategies don’t seem to do the trick, consider using the alternative methods shared in this article. The best part about this is that since you are working on the professional social networking platform, you will gain access to certain details about the prospect, which can help you craft an effective sales pitch that is tailored specifically to that person.

Although this seems like an easy task, it can also take some practice to identify which of the people you see on LinkedIn will be a good fit for your business. However, if you want to be successful in finding more leads, you can reach out to the professionals and get in touch with us here at Infinit3solutions. Let us help you get win-ready leads. Contact us today!

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