There is a never-ending debate as to which social media platform should be used for social selling—should you use Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram? Here’s the short and direct answer—successful salespeople are not using Twitter or LinkedIn. They are actually using Twitter, LinkedIn, AND Instagram (as well as other social media channels) for social selling. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of each of these two social networking platforms.


Why use Twitter for Engaging with Prospects?

Do you experience moments when you want to connect and get the attention of a certain buyer who doesn’t even know you? Well, Twitter can help you with that. This microblogging platform can actually serve as an effective tool to initiate relationships with the consumers that you are interested to get to know.

Through this channel, you can easily interact with your target consumers based on their activities and the things they are interested in.

So for instance, if you are selling cleaning products and you see someone on Twitter ranting about home cleaning products, this is your chance to swoop in and engage with the potential customer. In short, this social networking platform can make it much easier for you to find people who are relevant to your business through their tweets.

Basically, what you should do is to identify the Twitter users who are posting about things that your customers and partners say. There are several features on the microblogging site that can help you find your targets.

Some of the simplest things that you can do are to find out the frequently used hashtags that are relevant to your business.

By knowing these things, you will get to know more about them and determine if they are indeed relevant to what you are offering. So remember, try to look for customers on Twitter by browsing through hashtags, tweets, and lists.


Following a complete stranger is acceptable and doesn’t necessarily cross boundaries.

Because of this, it is indeed an effective way to learn more about your buyers and most importantly, to start making them aware that you and your business exist. And, when you find people who can be a good fit for your offerings on Twitter, start engaging by following them, replying to their tweet, or favoriting

 You will be able to communicate with your prospects directly and in real time.

If, for instance, one of your prospects just posted a tweet, it is highly likely that they are still online and you have to seize the opportunity. In other words, you should take note of your prospects’ online activity to be able to effectively use Twitter in your social selling efforts.

Furthermore, in the past, you have to wait for press releases and annual reports of a particular company to stay updated regarding their priorities and projects. Today, you can gain access to the latest company news and information through Twitter. So if you are targeting businessmen who are in a particular industry, make sure to follow their company’s official Twitter account as well.


Using LinkedIn to Research Prospects and Establish Deeper Connections

Compared to Twitter, you may probably find it more difficult to connect with complete strangers through LinkedIn. People don’t want to accept LinkedIn connection requests from strangers any more than they want receiving cold calls.


LinkedIn site is much more effective when it comes to building a stronger and deeper connection with prospects

Compared to other social media networking sites, LinkedIn keeps its ambiance professional. Since you need more than a simple “hi” to be added to a contact list, after you’ve finished our next tip, the flow of communication in Linkedin is considered deeper and more meaningful compared to other sites in terms of professionalism.

 Craft a well-written note along with your connection request.

Doing this will help deepen your relationship with the potential buyer and help you stay updated on special events about the person’s life such as when the person joins another company or is promoted, for instance. Connect with the person and send the person a private message on LinkedIn for a formal introduction. Make sure to make it personalized and to integrate pieces of information that you learned about the person without sounding creepy.

Know your target’s job title, industry, educational attainment, as well as other demographics

Remember that these little bits of information that you can find on your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles can also help you with social selling. How? Check the potential buyer’s LinkedIn profile to know more about the person and find something that you have in common. You will surely find something that can help you establish a stronger connection with the person and you will be able to create personalized messages and find a way to make your offerings relevant

Always remember that in sales, you must never engage in a phone or video call, email exchange, or a face-to-face meeting without researching about your potential customer—and the best source of this valuable information is LinkedIn.


Use Instagram for a more Visual Approach

Instagram eventually became a great avenue for entrepreneurs to showcase their brand, less the huge advertising fees. It also gave birth to influencers, a brilliant marketing strategy to connect customers to brands in a more personal way.

Since Instagram kinda works like Twitter when pertaining to hashtags, there’s more to it than just sharing photos. Here are some tips on how you can maximize its selling potential:

Create more Instagram stories

A sure way method for you to get noticed and jumped out of the sea of updates is to post Instagram stories. Instagram users jumped into the bandwagon when it was launched last year and surpassed Snapchat users by 25%. Plus, your followers will receive notification when you posted your story.

Post Videos

Elevate your visual game even more by posting videos in your Instagram account! It’s an excellent method to make your followers have a certain closeness to your brand. Don’t forget to browse and add relevant hashtags to even gain more followers and exposure.

Stay Active

Similar to Twitter, Instagram crosses the line of formalities and welcomes people to their profiles even without a proper introduction. Be generous and double tap those photos and videos that you like. Add some comments to other users, and help continue to create a positive experience in this social media platform. Plus, staying active will help you share more industry-related insights and stay on top of mind.


Final Thoughts

The next time you’re thinking about disregarding a particular social networking site, always remember that social selling is best done when you engage customers through multiple channels.


In this multi-channel world, you won’t be able to dominate the market if your social selling strategy is to become a power user of just a single social platform. So instead of wasting your time trying to evaluate each channel to decide where you should focus your efforts on, you need to start looking at things differently and understand that these channels actually supplement each other.

At Infinit3solutions, we can help you adapt to this modern multi-channel world. Our professionals have a deep understanding on different social selling strategies that work, as well as guide you on which approach you should implement depending on the channel and the needs of your business.

Let us help you turbocharge your business! Contact us today.

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