SEO is derived from the word search engine optimization which means the strategies and techniques on how you will be able to increase the number of your site viewers and to land your website to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For this to happen, we need an array of resources and additional SEO tips to achieve a higher ranking.

Each year, Google releases new updates and algorithms where you can work on and improve your website to remain your ranking higher than your competitors. Of course, as a business owner, our priority is to be seen by our potential customers. Let’s face it, nobody checks the 2nd page of search engine results, so we need to work hard for rankings. Another point to consider is, SEO keeps on evolving. What works a few years ago might be already considered prehistoric these days.


additional SEO tips for higher ranking


So, what can we possibly do to rank higher or maintain our currents standing? Here are some additional SEO tips to achieve higher ranking and maintaining your position.



Migrate to HTTPS

Due to the number of fake news sites, Google now prioritized those websites that are secured with HTTPS rather than a simple website with HTTP. HTTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, to simplify on how HTTPS works; all information or data to your website will be encrypted; messages are scramble through a code that prevents your site to be hacked. Come to think of it, this additional SEO tip works 2 ways, one for your (of course), ranking and second, for added security. And believe us, it is not a simple scenario when your site gets hacked. From a somewhat online protest voicing out advocacies or to a more serious one when crucial and sensitive information is compromised, you would not want these to be your problem.


Mobile Optimization as an additional SEO tips 

It can be recalled in 2014 where Google demoted all websites that are not mobile-ready if you want to verify if your website is good in its mobile version you can check on Google’s mobile-friendly test. You should aim for mobile optimization with similar content with your desktop version, Google wants to see if you are just luring your site viewers or not.

To avoid to be penalized by Google, refrain from too many pop-up ads to your mobile, as these will drive your site viewers away from browsing everything you have to offer on your website. We all know the fact that those ads and other affiliate marketing give you additional revenue, but as the site owner places you to your site’s shoe and see if you still want to visit a website full of advertisements.


Speed up!

It has been proven that people will most likely leave a website if it loads more than 3 seconds or so. You can check your website speed in test my site powered by Google, upon checking your mobile speed results there are notes from Google where you can improve your site speed and what to do next. A tip from us always checks the size of your photos. Do not forget to resize (1920 pixels if possible) and do check the loading time of the photos.


Get Social

Neil Patel one of the trusted authority worldwide when it comes to SEO has mentioned that social media channels are also important when you really want to be on top of the online competition. He says:

“We need to understand that search engine optimization includes the search that happens on social media search engines.”


Meaning to say, and as additional SEO tips when people want to check your company, products or services the first thing they would do is to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Being active on these social media channels allows the people specifically your target markets on how you can help them and what are the benefits they may get when they avail your service and purchase your products. It also allows them to see what kind of online presence you have and why your loyal customers keep coming back to get daily updates from you.

In addition to that, creating accounts in these social media channels are for free. Registrations, updating your profile are all for free, you don’t need to spend a dime to be active and interact with your customers. Following these additional SEO tips will tremendously help your business rank better in any search engines, after implementing these strategies you are now good to go!

If our SEO posts seem to be overwhelming these days, do not worry! We are preparing a tutorial video in which we will publish next month to help you get started on your SEO journey. We will also add additional SEO tips on how to continuously grow your knowledge in time.


On the other hand, we can definitely take care of your SEO needs! Send us a message here and let’s discuss it over coffee.


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