A significant part of developing a solid content strategy that will help you get more leads for your business involves experimenting with various types of content. Though your target market loves your blog posts, for instance, that doesn’t mean that that is the only type of content that you should make. New kinds of content can actually widen your reach and entice more prospects. For the benefits of content marketing to be felt actually take quite a while before seeing results, say 3-6 months, it is definitely worth trying, especially if it means that your customers are actively searching for your product or services as well.

Below are some of the best types of content marketing examples that can help you generate more and even better leads.



One of the most common types of content marketing examples often used for lead generation is ebooks. Although this is extremely beneficial for gaining credibility in your industry because it can educate your potential clients, it can take time to produce.

When creating an ebook, the first thing that you should consider is the topic of the ebook. You have to choose something that will provide value to your target market and entice them not only to download your ebook but also reach out to your company.



In addition, it can also be useful if the landing pages for your ebooks are easily shareable on social media through icons below the form.


Cheat Sheets

A cheat sheet is a type of content that provides a comprehensive guide that your target audience might want to bookmark and use for future reference. Cheat sheets may involve various terms, symbols, commands, or any other essential information.

One of the most important things that you should do when developing a cheat sheet for your prospects is to format the document properly. This is important because you would want it to serve as a quick reference, and having unclear headers, for instance, wouldn’t contribute to this purpose. In addition, you might also want to consider making the document visual, instead of displaying purely plaintexts.


SlideShare presentations

Similar to blogs, SlideShare presentations can improve your traffic as well. With this, digital marketers also prefer sharing their presentations for free. Though this type of content marketing examples are not typically hidden behind a landing page and is rather shared publicly, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t offer access to it in exchange for some information.

If your SlideShare presentations are awesome enough that people would be interested to download it, placing them behind forms or landing pages can be a low-effort means of converting more people into leads.

One valuable tip when creating a landing page for your SlideShare presentations (or any other type of content for that matter) is to include a bulleted list of your content’s outline for your target audience to know what they can expect to learn from it.


Email Series

As the term suggests, this involves a multi-part series of emails sent to interested people who opted to receive them in their inbox. This is usually mistaken with an email subscription, but the main difference between them is that an email series has a finite number of emails set to be delivered to those who opted in.


Original Research Reports or Industry-Relevant Data

As more and more industries have turned data-intensive, metrics and data have become more valuable more than ever. With this, creating original and data-centered research reports can establish your authority in the industry and build your target market’s trust in your company. However, developing industry reports can be a time-intensive task, and may demand resources and specialized skills.

If you really want to go down this path, but your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to accomplish an extensive research, you can start with simple ones such as conducting surveys among your existing customers, leads, and other industry experts. You can then share the results of your simple study in the form of a report that your target market can download, or even just an infographic.



Unlike ebooks which can sometimes be presented in a fun and creative way, whitepapers often have an academic feel and take a persuasive approach. Basically, whitepapers are created in such a way that it will present an industry-relevant problem, and then offer a solution.

The thing about whitepapers is that they are authoritative and informative. Hence, whitepapers are usually downloaded by individuals who want to learn more about their industry.


Free Templates

This type of content can be a great offer to put behind a landing page because this can assist your potential clients in creating things on their own. Free templates can serve as cornerstones by which people can build original things on.

Some examples of free templates include worksheets, process diagrams, calendars, flowcharts, and other outlines. To promote these free templates, you can create a blog article teaching your audience how to create a flowchart for instance.



Final Thoughts

Whatever type of content marketing examples you choose to use to generate leads for your business, it is extremely important to create an engaging landing page that will attract your target market. When developing one, it is not only important to consider the visual appeal, but also the content of the landing page itself. Make sure that it doesn’t only contain promotional spiels, but also provides an overview on what knowledge your target audience will gain from the content you’re offering.

The different content types presented in this article are just some of the most popular lead generating content that you can put behind your enticing landing pages. Feel free to experiment with various kinds of offers and see which ones can effectively resonate with your target market and convert a higher number of leads. In this way, you will know how you can tweak your content marketing strategy to drive more leads and growth for your company.

If you need some help with the development of these types of content, feel free to reach out to Infinit3solutions. Our digital marketing team can help you from the development of your content marketing strategy to the creation of your landing pages to the execution and monitoring of the performance of your campaigns. Let us talk about your business today and discuss how our company can contribute to your business growth.

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