So, you’ve figured out what type of business you want to establish, got all the necessary permits to start, and even set up the necessary government accreditations to register new employees. What’s next in the list? Build a website, of course!

It’s so easy for entrepreneurs to get carried away with their feelings when it comes to ideas and design. With all the great ideas in our mind, sometimes we tend to forget what your client really needs when they visit a website. For your client to have seamless customer experience, we need to pinpoint crucial information about your business to be able to relay it on your chosen web designer. With this in mind, you can save both of your and the web designer’s time by preparing this information beforehand.

To have all the information you need, here are some questions that web designers use before creating a website. 


What type of business do you have?

There are different types of websites that cater to different types of business.  Understanding the core of your business will help you figure out the design that is appropriate for your business. For a list of the different types of website, you can check here. For example, if they are a travel agency or a resort, a website where their customers can book their preferred accommodation is a perfect website design/layout. 



What do you want from your website?

Different businesses have different goals for their website. Ask yourself what you really want to achieve with the website. Do you want your website to be a passive, money-making machine? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want your clients to be able to pay online? Would you like your website to be able to accommodate videos and blogs? 

You don’t build a website just because most of the businesses have a website. If you don’t know what your main goal is, you won’t be able to convey your thoughts properly with a web designer. And, he won’t be able to recommend what he knows best. 



Do you have an existing website?

Check if you need a website from scratch, or just want to revamp the existing website or maybe you want a whole brand new website and throw away the old one. Here are some follow-up questions you can ask:

  • When did they build this website?
  • What do you like and don’t like about it?
  • Is it giving you the results you wanted?


What do you like to see with your new website?

What features do you want to have or see on their website? Do they want a live chat?  A subscriber opt-in? A map to business store? Even if you are the owner and you know what is best for the website, it is still your client’s experience that needs to be considered on what to include on their website. But as we mentioned earlier, your web designer can always suggest. 


Who are their competitors?

Knowing your competitors gives you an idea of what should and should not be included on your website. Competitors are a great source of ideas or inspiration. They will also help you visualize what you want. Observe thoroughly your competitor’s website.


Who are your customers?

You know what they say, “Put yourself in your customer’s shoes”. You might hear this a lot, but believe me, it is an effective and useful tip. If you are a customer, what would you like to see and find on a website? It is significant to know the demographics of your target market; a different level of ages or gender has a different perspective. Remember, you should meet the expectation of your customers too. After all, it’s your who will use the website.


What is your timeline?

Of course, you have to set a target date to finish. Meeting the deadline is crucial in the service business. You should have a realistic timeline that includes last-minute editing because no matter how good the design is, there are always something or small things that you will request to change.


Final Thoughts:

Having a website is always good for the business but you have to make sure that your expectations are met by having clear communication with your web designer. After all, it is your client who will complain if the website has poor user experience, which in turn, your business to suffer from lack of revenue. 


Having a website is a must nowadays especially if your target market is millennials. You have to get their interest when they first check you out online. And to get their interest you have to be visible first in online or google.

But of course, for added peace of mind, leave it to the professionals and let us create a beautiful and professional website for you! Contact us now and let’s start to work on it asap!

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