Lucky are those who seeks employment in the call center industry today. There are multiple opportunities from different BPO companies, opening their doors to High School graduates, recruitment firms offering free call center training to applicants, and not to mention the attractive perks and marketing strategies of companies to successful applicants (La Boracay anyone?).

What we believe though is the most beneficial among all is the birth of BPO communities in various social media sites. And what emerges to attract most members, newbies, tenured and recruiters alike is the group called Call Center People (Job Opening, Interviews, Tips). With 28,127 members (and still counting), what started to be a venture for Employee Referral Program turned out to be a full-blown of active community with its job boards, endless advice forum and even a motivational forum for newbies.

The group was started by Ms. Lei Del Rosario or simply Ms. Lei to the countless people she helped to secure the much-awaited Job Offer. We had a chance to ask her some questions. And her usual quick-witted and affectionate, somewhat sister-like attitude that she is known for.

I3: You are well known for being the person who continuously helps call center newbies. How did you earn such reputation?

Lei: I honestly have no idea (reputation talaga?)  At first, the reason why I created this group was because of the ERP (Employment Referral Program) incentives that our company offers. But when call center aspirants started asking me for tips , sample interview question and more about the industry, I felt the need to create a group where I can help more people and it is not only just me who can assist them but also other people that works for the same industry. The feeling of knowing that you helped change a person’s life is really overwhelming.  It makes me proud. But, I’m not talking credits for all of these  because there are the other co-admins, co-members, who helps. It is like a support system.

I3: How long have you been in the call center industry? What are the major changes you have seen so far (positive & negative)?



Lei: I started  2006. I started as a Customer Service Rep/Tech Support for a Bilingual Dutch Account (software for the blind). One of their requirements before is  you have to come from a prestigious college or university. (Ateneo, La Salle, UST, UP etc.) Now, BPO companies are accepting HS Grad. It is a great opportunity for everyone.

But the negative side of it, parang nawawala na din yung “Prestige” of being call center agent. Which yun aim naming maibalik. The crown and glory days na tawagin kang call center agent.

I3: What are the types of personality you believe that newbies should change?

Lei: Newbies are so pessimist.  If you really want to be in this industry, you have to have a positive attitude towards work, towards people and towards life.  HALA TATANDA KAYO NYAN NG MABILIS!

I3: What are the positive attitudes from newbies that you think tenured agents can learn from?

Lei: I think noobs are more serious compared with tenured agents. They are not looking after the salary but for a job itself.  Newbies are very proud when they enter the biz and they have this mindset to perform better.

I3: What type of account are you more comfortable with?

Lei: Technical Support.

I3: What is the most memorable customer engagement that you had?

Lei: When I was with ATT Uverse. After I resolved customer’s issue the old lady said  “Your mom should be proud of you” and I started to cry. It took hours to bring back my composure.  After few minutes,  Tl: Aux Coaching!

I3: Would you recommend a newbie to apply in those “easy accounts” to hone their skills first or try the international accounts right away?

Lei: Easy accounts? I don’t believe in Easy or Hard account.   If you have your heart on what you do, you’ll be open for any challenges.  And it won’t be that hard on your part. Lalo na pag ang hirap ng issue but you know you can solve it…. Di mo talaga titigilan si customer…. lalo kang nangigigil!

I3:  How would you describe your work to a 79 old grandma from the rural area?

Lei: Eyay (thats how we call our grandma in Illongo), trabaho ko po ay parang kay Tiya Delli o kaya Doctor Love. Tumatawag po yung mga Amerkano at ibang lahi  dahil may problema po sila!

I3: You have given advises almost everyday, what is the best advice that you can say for those newbies who would like to work in the BPO industry (in just one sentence).

Lei: May time talaga na madadapa tayo. Huwag nyo ng isipin yun. Tumayo after and now thing.  Saan na ako patungo or my direction after kong madapa?



The only thing I regret is, I forgot to ask Ms. Lei which is more comforting, the sound of the hold music in other departments, or the Team Leader asking for AUX 8. Hmmm.

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