When creating your campaign, sales email, landing page, and advertisement, you need to make sure that the copy is powerful and enticing enough to convert leads into actual sales. However, writing copy for your marketing initiatives can be challenging. As a marketer, we need to pile up on copywriting tips.

Why? Because you’re not only giving useful information, you need to write content that will have a positive effect on your bottom line. In short, you want to write copy that SELLS.

To help you craft content that will boost your conversion rates, we will share you some writing secrets.



copywriting tips write in a positive tone



Copywriting Tips 1: Write in a positive tone

If you want your copy to sell, you have to maintain positivity in your writing. According to research studies, positive emotions have a significant impact on consumer loyalty; but what does it actually mean to write in a positive tone? This simply means that you need to create your content in an upbeat, feel-good manner.

Another good reason to write in a positive tone is that content which triggers positive emotions had a higher chance of going viral. Why? Because happy people tend to become more receptive to marketing messages and share their happiness with other people.


Tips on Writing Positive Content:

  • Avoid using jargon; go for simple words that people can easily understand.
  • Focus on the solution you’re selling instead of overly-emphasizing the issues that you’re trying to address.
  • Include words that connote positivity, such as “great”, “excellent”, “improve”, “boost”, and many others.
  • Keep your sentences short and easy to read.
  • Finally, if you want to write positive content, make sure that you are in a good mood when doing it because it will easily reflect in your writing.


try to achieve a personal appeal - copywriting tips


Copywriting Tips 2: When writing sales copy, try to achieve a personal appeal

Effective salespeople are those who can connect with their target market on a personal level. Being able to do so will make you become more trustworthy and may convince people to establish a business relationship with you.

So how do you accomplish this through writing? The simplest, yet effective way to do this is by using the words “you” and “your” in your content a lot. By writing in a personal manner, you are speaking directly to your audience. By making them feel that you are talking to them one-on-one, they will be more inclined to reacting positively to your message.


write in a straightforward manner, copywriting tips


Copywriting Tips 3: Write in a straightforward manner

By making your intent obvious to your target audience and by being direct in your writing, people will more likely trust your brand and take action.

Simply put, writing in a straightforward manner involves communicating your marketing message clearly and without fluff. Instead of wordy sentences, your content must be composed of concise and crystal clear sentences that consumers will easily comprehend.


Tips on How to be Straightforward When Creating Content

  • Tell your audience directly what action you’d like them to take.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words or even sentences.
  • Communicate your message in a stronger way.


maintain a good level of assertiveness


Copywriting Tips 4: Maintain a good level of assertiveness when writing your calls-to-action (CTAs)

Your CTAs are the key elements in whatever type of content you’re writing. Unless you establish a good level of assertiveness, you won’t be able to sell.

Being assertive means staying confident and having a forceful personality. A person who shows assertiveness is someone who has a firm handshake makes eye-to-eye contact and speaks in a clear and direct manner—no beating around the bush.

So as a writer, you can be assertive in your calls-to-action by being confident and bold. Just go for the sale! Tell your target consumers what you want them to do.


copywriting tips, include date


Copywriting Tips 5: Include data to back up your claims, but don’t let these be the main focus in your copy

Sure, adding data, figures, and graphs can help you prove your point and let your target audience know how great your offerings are. However, these hard facts and pieces of information are not the keys to winning more clients

If you load up your content with too much statistics and data, it would start to feel like you’re writing a research report and people may get bored as well. So while it is recommended to support your statements with actual facts, you also need to implement the other strategies mentioned earlier especially the one about writing in a positive manner if you want to get more customers.


need for call to action, pro copywriting tip


Copywriting Tips 6: Make your target audience feel that they need to take action

The most important objective in writing copy is to make your target audience take action. Hence, it is important to make sure that your content is action-focused for it to actually be useful.

Of course, one of the most obvious ways by which you can make your audience act is by crafting a good call-to-action. However, what’s more important than that is to keep your entire content action-oriented. You can achieve this by doing the following:


  • Highlight the need to immediately take action. In short, you have to trigger a sense of urgency.
  • When you write an informative sentence, always follow it with an explanation of why it actually matters. Don’t just focus on the “What?”; you also need to let your target market know the “So that…” behind the information you’ve just provided. By letting consumers understand why your offerings matter and how these can improve their lives, there will be a greater chance that they will avail your products.
  • Use action verbs, preferably strong ones such as “blast”, “skyrocket”, and “drive”. These action verbs spice up your content and suggest action.


Final Thoughts

Revamp your boring content by following the tips shared in this article. By doing so, you will surely witness higher conversions, a significant boost in sales, and greater revenue.

If you can’t seem to get this right and would like to hire a professional who can help you come up with wonderfully crafted marketing content, consult with Infinit3solutions today! Our digital marketing team is proficient in writing copy that sells and are flexible enough to accommodate the varying requests and needs of clients.

Allow our copywriters to do their thing, and witness a huge difference in your business results!

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