The sweet scent of the weekend is just a few hours away. The thought waking up without an alarm is beyond fantastic and probably, will have a full day ahead of doing some things relaxing. However, weekend is also a good time to ponder on how we can have a better start in the coming week. After all, improvement is always welcome.


Do not worry for we have compiled our previous posts to read in less than 2 minutes to spend to a better you! For those who are feeling courageous, we have added 2 courses as well. Click on the italicized font as well to find the links.


For job seekers:

here’s what we have for you. Starting with your resume up to overcoming rejections in a job application.

Trouble in polishing your resume? Here is our checklist to know the 7 things that your resume must have.



Stuck in the job hunt? Check out this article to learn the 7 ways to maximize your job search.

Old habits are difficult to break. But here is the list of interview habits you need to ditch, NOW!

Do you feel uninspired to move forward due to the number of rejected applications you received? Read on how to overcome rejection and snag that job offer asap next week!


For those who are looking for additional skills

Ever consider a career in blogging? Read on and we will walk you through the baby steps.

Thinking of ways for some creative ideas to flow? Check out our 7 steps for graphic design with a hint of marketing in designing ads.

For those who are itching to start with Adobe Illustrator, we found a short course on how to master Illustrator CCC here.

Last, but certainly not the least, for those who are in need of a more detailed course in graphic design, here’s what we found for you.


See? It is not so difficult! We bet you still have tons of time to watch your favorite TV series.

Enjoy your weekend guys!



Image credit: Pixabay (greybaby)


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