Modern lead generation techniques are pretty straightforward. Most involve creating content for a specific offer, putting that content on a landing page which contains a form that requires interested individuals to supply their personal information, and then promoting this landing page and the offer itself through your social media accounts, personal blog, and email marketing campaigns. Once a target consumer fills out the form to obtain your offer, that person will now be considered a lead.

However, most of the time, what these lead generation tactics fail to consider are those who are using their mobile devices to access the internet and maybe purchase a product or service. What most marketers fail to realize is that their lead generation approach must be tweaked if they want to reach mobile users. Keep in mind that consumers behave differently when they’re using tablets or smartphones compared to when they’re browsing the internet through their PC or laptop.

So now, the question is: How do you adjust your strategy to provide a better mobile experience to your target market? Below are some techniques that you can do to optimize your lead generation techniques to be updated with mobile marketing trends.


Use progressive profiling in the forms on your website.

Let’s be honest, filling out forms while using a smartphone can be extremely frustrating especially if you have huge fingers. You’ll tend to click on the wrong fields as they are too small, and the whole process takes a longer amount of time. Hence, it is important to consider these limitations, and tweak your website forms in such a way that it will not require such intensive efforts from the user.

This is where progressive profiling enters the picture. Progressive profiling enables you to replace form fields that have already been filled out the next time a person comes back to your website. Hence, this can make your forms shorter, and optimize your mobile presence for better conversion rates.



Make simple CTAs (calls-to-action).

When you create calls-to-action to be displayed on your website, you should consider how they will appear for various devices. From a design perspective, you may want to come up with something that will stand out even on the small screen of a smartphone, but not too distracting. Furthermore, the text must be readable, concise, and action-oriented.


Offer discounts and other promotions to engage mobile users.

If you want to boost your conversion rates on mobile, provide customer loyalty programs and discounts that can only be redeemed if the person is using a mobile device. For instance, if you have a physical store, you can let people who are entering your store know that they will receive freebies or a promo code if they ‘like’ your official Facebook page (pro lead generation techniques for you)!

By doing this, you will encourage them to pull out their smartphone or tablet and like your page then and there. From there, you can nurture these Facebook leads and implement ways to make them come back and do business with you again.



Optimize your content to keep up with mobile marketing trends

When writing content, consider that some may be accessing your website through their mobile devices. Moreover, some people who are reading through their smartphone or tablet only have a few minutes of spare time. They may be waiting for the next bus or waiting for their turn at the dentist’s clinic.

Hence, it is important t write content that is straightforward and without fluff. Otherwise, your mobile audience won’t bother reading it until the end. To optimize your content, ensure that your readers will immediately understand what your content is about right from the start, and also frontload your piece with links to content intended to generate leads just in case some of your audience don’t get to the end of the article.

In addition, make your content concise, easy to comprehend, and shareable. Lastly, find out which type of content engages your mobile audience. Do they love list-type articles or how-to? The bottom line is to create content that people are more likely to fully read on their mobile devices.


Make the phone number on your website clickable.

When you include the phone number of your business on your website, make sure that it is clickable. By doing so, you will be able to convert these potential customers more effectively. It will make it easier for them to contact you because they won’t have to memorize your number or copy and paste it to dial.

Always keep in mind that the fewer the taps your target consumers need to accomplish an action, the more likely they will be converted into sales. With this, you have to ensure that everything can be done easily, especially by those who access your business website through their mobile devices.


Implement an SMS campaign.

Since you are aiming to boost lead conversions on mobile, you must not forget to integrate an SMS or text campaign in your marketing efforts. While most digital marketers prefer to implement their strategies through social media, email, and even mobile apps, the SMS channel actually holds ample opportunity for growth. It’s a common misconception that SMS is dead and no longer included in mobile marketing trends.

For instance, you can offer discounts and other exclusive promotions for those who opt into your SMS campaign. By constantly nurturing leads via SMS alerts, you will surely be able to encourage some to go back and purchase your offerings again.

One thing to keep in mind though when implementing a text campaign is that you shouldn’t bombard your leads with text messages a couple of times each day because it can be annoying and they would instead have a negative impression about your business.



Final Thoughts

Boosting lead conversion through mobile marketing is not impossible. In fact, you can just modify your existing digital marketing efforts a bit, and you will be able to apply these lead generation techniques and successfully make your mobile experience more pleasant for your target consumers.

Through the basic tweaks and simple lead generation strategies shared in this article, you will be able to effectively expand your reach and get more leads even in the mobile space. If you need a professional to employ lead generation tactics for all devices or would like to undertake more advanced strategies, don’t hesitate to contact or chat with us and let our team provide tailored services for your business.

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