“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible”. A good foundation of graphic design is having this vision, to convey a powerful message in a few seconds, and to make sure that the eyes of the audience will linger and absorb the said message. We are lucky that we live in an era wherein a lot of tools are easily accessible online and we can process the said vision a lot easier compared before. The instruments of the trade might have changed, but the concepts and the tricks still rely on the tried and tested concepts conceived throughout the years, albeit with a bit of change to keep up with the fast-paced growth as we lunged forward year after year. The downside is, we might easily get carried away, combining different elements and totally disregarding the basic structures that have been set. This, of course, is something you would like to avoid.

Here at Infinit3Solutions, our approach to this art is “seriously fun”. We take this seriously without losing the fun factor (maybe that line is a bit contradicting but hopefully you’ll get what I mean). Once you get the hang of the “basics”, we assure you that you will fall in love creating beautiful designs – it can be for work, for your business, for your digital marketing efforts, or even as a hobby. So, for those who are feeling a bit lost on how to get started, we have compiled our posts to make your design journey easier.


Getting started with Graphic Design

So, you either know that you have this calling or urge to create something beautiful, but, at the same time, you feel overwhelmed with the different concepts and truckloads of information. Don’t worry, just click on the links below to get you started on this journey.


Understanding Graphic Design


How to choose the best fonts for your business

How to apply color psychology to your business


Creating a fantastic Logo

As we’ve mentioned before, Logo serves as your business identification, thus, it should be given ample thoughts on how it should be created.


5 questions to ask yourself in choosing a logo

Need to boost your sales?  Get an awesome logo design!



Wonders of Web design

A website promotes your business  24/7. Make sure to ace that first impression with your clients with these tips!


Here’s why your business needs a website

What is the best type of website for your business

Should you use a website builder platform?


Visual Content / Marketing Materials

Almost there! Once you are done with the essentials, you need to be consistent with your marketing and design efforts. Check out these tried and tested tips!


4 Smart ways to build brand identity

Build ads like a pro

Useful design tips for amazing marketing collateral

Improve your visual content now



For our final advice, always strive to improve your craft. Make sure that you always update your skills with constant practice. Because we have barely scratched the surface, and there are a lot of things to learn!

But, if you want to create a strong impression and a peace of mind that your first impression goes with a bang, get in touch with us! Our creative team will be glad to make your vision a beautiful reality!


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